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  1. Some 80's hijinks…....



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    2. southwest1


      Nice selections as always RR7. Appreciate the Blackie Lawless stuff as well as Rainbow, Whitesnake, Autograph, & several other bands you posted brother. :scoregood:


      People unfamiliar with WASP always get the wrong impression. You know that Blackie had an addiction problem when it came to the opposite sex. That Apache frontman is very sharp. Part of it, was just designed to tick off the PMRC [Parents Music Resource Center]; Part of it was just to go against the grain to manufacture controversy to sell millions of records; & part of it was just the rock n roll lifestyle back in the day. Blackie is a very deep thinker who articulates his point of view exceptually well in 1 on 1 interviews overall.

    3. southwest1


      Kudos on your Peter Gabriel choices too. Gotta add 1 more from his catalog though.



      A very unrated song of the highest caliber. Enough said.

    4. southwest1


      Regarding my cover of "I Don't Care Anymore" by HY I posted yesterday, I forgot to mention this: My condolences to the family of Vinnie Paul, former drummer of Pantera, who passed away on June 22nd.


      I always get depressed when musicians die because they represent the closest thing to pure creativity we have left in this world. Some comedians like George Carlin & Robin Williams float among this unique realm too.


      When you see quality musicians bond with a crowd & occupy a brief live space where nothing else matters for a 2 hour set, it's pretty amazing.

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