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  1. Top 10 All time Albums,  Yes, we called them that....please feel free to add as always.....in no particular



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    2. southwest1


      Very funky vibe dadeo! "Dancing In The Moonlight" I mean. Great selection Lolly! 

    3. southwest1




      I remember when Dave Mustaine released this album & I knew Metallica made a huge mistake firing him. Every track on here is groundbreaking in the metal arena. Nobody was putting together such complicated arrangements on guitar. Not even close. 


      Plus, Nick Menza RIP made sounds come out of his drums that truly blew the doors off your house & shattered your windows too. LOL! Hard to believe such a scrawny guy could bring the thunder & lightning behind his kit but he could. Amazing man. Jesus. See...



      I always feel compelled to defend Megadeth because they always get dismissed over Metallica & Dave is a genius in the metal realm. He truly is. Right up there with Ronnie James Dio. No, I'm not kidding. 

    4. southwest1




      As far as debut albums are concerned, this Scorpions one still holds up today. 


      "Big City Nights" & "Still Loving You" were awesome tracks, but I liked the snare drum on...



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