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  1. Full albums Son!




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    2. southwest1


      Sorry RR7 for dominating this thread with Dokken classics, but this amateur "Alone Again" is off the chain...Very impressive if I do say so myself. 



      I've posted this version of the same song before I know, but I really am fond of this version as well.



      I'll stop my brief Dokken obsession shortly. I promise. :D Every so often, I need to hear a band & Dokken is on my rolodex today. Thanks for putting up with me today. 

    3. TheRustonRifle#7


      Please don't stop Brother!  Love Dokken!

    4. southwest1


      Checkout a band called Rock Candy laying down a live version of Dokken's "Cry Of The Gypsy" man. 



      It's a little raw & unrefined sure, but solid & not too shabby for those familiar with the original track itself. I applaud any group brave enough to go out on stage & subject themselves to public scrutiny among the masses. That takes confidence, guts, & balls of steel baby. Seriously, this number is darn good minus the marshall amps feedback that is. 


      Here's the Don Dokken original for comparison purposes below: 



      Remember, professional recording studios & a major label getting a band top notch roadies & sound equipment makes all the difference in the world. Therefore, don't be too harsh or critical of Rock Candy in general okay.  

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