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    Colts Football, New York Yankees Baseball, Syracuse Orange Basketball, weight lifting and enjoying my beautiful Daughter as she grows into a pre teen :).

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    I have been a diehard Colts fan for over 40 years and hopefully have at least another 30 in me? I am a native New Yorker who moved to Florida in 2008 and never looked back. My Father was a diehard Colts fan and he passed it on to me and I am grateful for that, may he rest in peace....

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  1. Full albums Son!




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    2. TheRustonRifle#7
    3. southwest1


      You know how sometimes black women have a weave & older men sometimes buy rugs or toupees to mask or cover a bald spot on their head?


      Is this guitarist named Chris Blade Johnson wearing a mop from the Home Shopping Network on his head as he jams out to "Prisoner" by Dokken? :lol: Reminds me of Wayne's World with Dana Carvey & Mike Myers actually...



      Or maybe his household cat naps up there while he plays I don't know. 




      Mullet mania man...Those were the days. 

    4. southwest1


      Since we already arrived in mullet heaven, cheesy glam rock with it's good old fashioned, sexist overtones & spandex workout gear seems like the next logical plateau right? 



      Lame, trashy, & catchy all rolled into one. I miss the 80's man. LOL! This was actually released in 2017 but sounds comically vintage though from the 1980's. 


      These boys from Sweden always crack me up! Almost like Spinal Tap tried to make a Top 10 train wreck single on purpose. I do like the tractor trailer mustache on the lead goof ball though. Figures, the lady has to play for the wrong team. Just joking! 


      I like  stuff so bad it grows on ya after awhile like a fuzzy fungus which eventually becomes decent & dare I say enduring after awhile. 

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