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  1. Van Halen full albums!




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    2. TheRustonRifle#7


      Van Halen became Van Hagar after "1984"....not the same group...

    3. crazycolt1


      I liked Van Hagar better than Van Halen myself. I just think Sammy brought better vocals and also his extra guitar to the group. His vocals pushed Eddies playing IMO.

    4. southwest1


      I can't wait to "Feel Your Love Tonight" is 1 of my favorite under utilized or played tracks on the radio IMO. That & "Drop Dead Legs" RR7. 


      Diamond Dave always understood that rock & roll was all about female exploration & discovery. :P


      He made no apologies for why he got in the music business. LOL! 




      "Drop dead legs, pretty smile, hurts my head, gets me wild. 
      Dig that steam, giant butt, makes me scream, I get nuh-nuh-nothing but the shakes over you 
      And nothing else could ever do. 



      You know that you want it. 
      I know what it is. 
      You know that you want it, baby, 

      When the night is through, will I still be loving you ? 
      Dig those moves, vam-pire set me loose, get it higher. 

      Throw my rope, loop-de-loop nice white teeth, Betty Boop. 
      Set it cool real heavy. 
      I ain't fooled, gettin' ready. "


      This version is just on guitar, but it's strong & very tight meaning it's crisp quality. Oh yeah. 

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