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  1. Surprisingly I am from Baton Rouge Louisiana and I am a die hard colts fan since the year before peyton got there, Im only 33 years old and been a colts fan since I was 15, Luck is and have the potential to be the greatest in the game with the right guidance and pep Hamilton is not the answer unless he changes his scheme I think any offensive coordinator that comes in will make a lot of difference
  2. I think the new head coach should be josh mcdaniels he is a proven winner he always has his offense prepared under any circumstance, Pagano is not the problem this team is put together to out score opponents which means the oc is horrible, I coach high school football, and I know to set up offensive schemes to beat blitzes, pep has not call but one screen pass this year nor has I saw once luck with a three step drop and then release the ball, our offensive play calling and design is horrible
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