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  1. Understand that there will be more drafts, with more "can't miss" and "cornerstone" pieces that we will add. I will say that something I saw with Whitehair, and although I like him, he would step in and turn his back so you would immediately see his numbers too often. Idk if it was a coaching thing but it can't be hard to correct. Typically if you're watching from the sideline and you see your OLs numbers, it means they are getting beat.

  2. 5 minutes ago, COLTS449 said:


    I didn't say 1 bad thing about Kelly. I wasn't really wanting us to draft him at 18, but we filled a MAJOR hole. We finally have a really good Center. This TJ Green pick I just don't like man. I'm just one of those fans who goes wild when we win. Or get mad as hell when we lose or make a bad move in the draft/FA.


    So let me get this straight. You're calling our center, who hasn't played a down yet in the NFL, really good but our DB we just drafted, who also hasn't played a down yet in the NFL, is a bad move. I understand about being a realist, we could have done better than Green, but at the same time maybe not.


    No one knows how these picks are going to pan out. So I'll wait until the season begins to make proper judgement

  3. Just some tidbits and rumors that I saw on a site regarding the Colts
    4/26: Colts GM Ryan Grigson said that he won't be drafting players with character issues. - 
    4/23: "If Leonard Floyd is unavailable, and they feel Noah Spence is to much of a risk, I'm hearing the Indianapolis Colts are considering Kamalei Correa in Round 1." - Tony Pauline, WalterFootball.com 
    4/22: "I was told Jack Conklin wouldn't get past the Colts at 18 since January. Looks like little chance he gets there now." - Eric Galko, Optimum Scouting 
    4/12: "“It’s a big offseason for the Indianapolis Colts, and I’m told from a team source that they like Baylor nose tackle Andrew Billings a lot in Round 1." - Matt Miller, Source Copier 
    4/7: The Chargers and Colts are very high on Notre Dame CB KeiVarae Russell. - Todd Lyght, MMQB 
    4/1: Boise State CB Donte Deayon is drawing interest from the Colts and Browns. - Tony Pauline, WalterFootball.com 
    3/24: The Colts are very high on Marshaun Coprich's skill set. - Tony Pauline, WalterFootball.com 
    2/6: The Colts plan on upgrading the nose tackle position this offseason. - Kevin Bowen, Colts.com 
  4. 17 minutes ago, ColtsBlueFL said:


    Don't agree about Jackson.  He is too stiff and gets juked or burned often on double moves and dig routes..





    He has lot's of tools for sure, but somehow think they are more useful in a cover 3 / zone type of defense.  I beleive I'd rather have a slightly shorter guy that can turn on a dime and has an incredible vertical leap then a taller guy that can't change directions very well.


    Yes! Someone else that thinks that way too. He's good but I feel like he's better for a Tampa 2 defense

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