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  1. Analytics should inform decisions, not make them. Making the decision is great if the team executes. That given, they didn't seem to be wise decisions given the nature of the game.
  2. The Bills played an entirely different defense in the 2nd half. They let up on the coverage to keep things inside and the clock moving. I wouldn't put too much faith in not playing Dorsett being the reason they couldn't score.
  3. Davis was amazing. He's one of the best corners in football without a doubt.
  4. The O line was bad. Real bad. Don't let the lack of "hurries" or "sacks" fool you. The Bills were collapsing the middle of the line and prevented Luck from being able to step up on a lot of throws.
  5. The Bills changed their entire defense in the 2nd half. There was a reason the Colts drove the ball downfield and scored taking almost the entire 3rd quarter for one score. The Bills moved their safeties and corners back and started letting the Colts catch underneath stuff and keeping them inside to drain the clock. They were ok with the Colts moving the ball as long as they kept the clock moving. That drive lost the game for the Colts despite them putting 8 points on the board. The Colts were not in the game despite some late game points when the Bills went into looser defense to kill the
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