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  1. Busta


    Hello Mr. Irrelevant pick.
  2. Busta


    Again agreed.. just the same reason why we didn't keep all our other vets around.. why keep the kicker. Some people can't move on it seems. We already moved on from Peyton lets just keep going.
  3. Busta


    Clutch kickers are needed in playoffs and super bowls.. realistically when is that suppose to happen?
  4. Iconic? Just like Peyton Mann... oh wait hes not here anymore...
  5. Busta


    I agree.. but people in this forum will say his contract isnt going to matter and you might as well keep him instead of wasting time cutting and then picking up a player that isnt going to make a difference.
  6. Thats cause hes wearing the stuff.
  7. Twitter links dont seem to be working for me.
  8. Peyton wasted his time since he never could get healthy enough to play.
  9. What are you talking about next year? This is his last year on his contract.
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