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  1. I feel absolutely horrible for those fan bases that just had their home team ripped away from them.. i cant even imagine
  2. Quite frankly its none of your business where I'm from.. and unless you have something to add to the topic, or a response to my post that was on topic, then I'd suggest you move along unless you're both just trying to harass me in a thread
  3. Not sure how you questioning the laundry I root for has any relevance to the topic
  4. I dont think it was suspension worthy but definitely worthy of a flag and possibly a fine, considering he is a repeat offender... Couldn't be a bigger gift wrapped package for the Broncos than to have Brown miss the game.. with Brown out and Roethlisberger's dislocated/ligament damaged shoulder, the Broncos should be able to beat them soundly at home
  5. yea its been pretty bad this year for Manning, but with that defense he doesn't have to do anything special.. he just has to not turn the ball over and they will win.. even if he only has 150 yards and 1 TD
  6. profootballtalk is just citing the original twitter as a reference for the article, they have no further information or new sources the espn one just reports on a medical emergency he was having, that it was medically related (IE non criminal), which is protected under HIPPA rules.. they can't go releasing your private medical problems/conditions to the media, its against the law From what I've read, he's been at practice Monday and Tuesday without any issues so not a whole lot of juice in this story
  7. Deandre Hopkins talent is just being wasted away in Houston right now with that QB situation
  8. He was in vegas drinking and gambling during a game week.. and he failed to report to a mandatory health follow up.. he was also hungover at practice once this year, and pulled some of the same nonsense last year... The kid is a total joke.. he still acts like a teenager, he has no leadership qualities and thinks he runs the world when he has accomplished literally nothing since leaving college I wouldn't even give him the vet minimum.. i would keep him far, far away from my roster because he can infect a locker room and turn some guys to the dark side
  9. This kid is a train wreck.. classic case of affluenza, he has never had any consequences his entire life or had to be accountable for his actions ever.. and his parents are loaded so he knows he'll never have to struggle or work hard for anything Hes a little punk, he bought into his celebrity before ever accomplishing anything on a football field and thinks hes the king.. maybe in college Johnny boy, but in the NFL you are nothing but a joke.. a cautionary tale at best
  10. Manning's first 7 games were pretty awful outside of the Packers game.. the defense bailed them out of some really bad offensive games, including some 3-4 interception ones that the defense still managed to hold on to and win with big plays Completing 5 passes in the Chargers game for 65 yards or whatever it was doesn't exactly erase the rest of the season. I personally think he'll be healthy enough for a playoff run, but if they fall behind and he has to sling it 30+ times, they're going to be in trouble.. especially if its a really cold outdoor game Manning doesn't n
  11. Manning nearly lead the entire NFL in interceptions and that was after missing a good chunk of the season. Manning wasn't even a top 15 QB this year, his ability has significantly fallen off but he may be able to hold it together for 2-3 games.. but that Broncos team will go as far as the defense and run game take them
  12. I think they're being wayyyyy overly harsh about him and just trying to stir up a story No competitor is going to handle being benched well.. you show me someone that's all rainbows and butterflies after being benched and I'll show you a loser His face to me looked like someone who just had a humbling moment and was benched... he wasn't sneering, he wasn't doing anything inappropriate. When they scored, he was clapping for the offense.. what do they expect him to do? Get some pom poms from the cheerleaders, put on a skirt and do some pyramid jumps? Also t
  13. I'll just end by saying that I hope they win these lawsuits and this is all put to bed, because the last thing the NFL or the fan base needs is another crazy scandal
  14. Finding this story disturbing with some of the facts that have been revealed does not make me a Pats fan, I have rooted for and followed the Colts my entire life and I have a tremendous amount of respect for Manning and what he did for the Colts organization. If this story is proven true, I'll still view him as one of the best to ever play the game but it would be incredibly disappointing I didn't start this topic, and I in no way am "gleeful" that Manning's name was dragged into this mess, but as a football fan I want some answers because this is bigger than just him, it implicat
  15. Not sure why you're trying so hard to police this topic. This is a BIG deal that has multiple sources now, which is a new development. If true, this would be a huge scandal similar to the one that rocked major league baseball and saw huge name athletes going to federal court. This involves high profile athletes across multiple sports, including Manning. We all know where you stand with Manning, similar to amfootball with her unbreakable love for Brady, you have the same feelings towards Manning which is why I think you want this story to disappear and have the mods forbid people
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