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  1. Steven A. Smith the voice of reason? I must be delusional.
  2. Earned a lot of praise at the Senior Bowl. Being talked about as a top 100 guy with comps to Shaq Mason.
  3. Ehh, never been a fan of Ray. Injuries and a marginal athlete for the position.
  4. I'm glad they didn't trade assets for a $18m 28 year old who's only had 1 good year. KC's asking price may have been higher for an AFC team as well and they likely preferred to ship him out of conference. Much prefer Houston for 2 years $12m per.
  5. In regards to the 3-tech/1-tech debates, the Colts really didn't use those traditional roles last year. They opted to put both DT's in the A gaps and get upfield. It remains to be seen whether that was by necessity or will continue going forward.
  6. Did you not see the video yesterday when he broke the Colts weight room? Yes, he is.
  7. Hunt and Autry are DT's and the Colts want Lewis to play there eventually.
  8. With less accomplished pass rushers getting 17-18 million on he market this year, this is a bargain and relatively low risk at 2 years.
  9. Most likely they'll monitor his injury and rehab and potentially discuss terms again when he's further down the line in his recovery.
  10. That's impressive. I think i made it to 315 on barbell bench before my rotator cuffs started to get bad. Made the switch to dumbbell press exclusively when I lived overseas in my early 20's a never looked back. Better on my shoulders and I found they provide greater chest development. The barbell makes me ache just looking at it now. Props.
  11. Nah, he's just a troll and says things to get people riled up. No way he could actually be that stupid. He's not even a reporter or blogger any more, just a guy who posts outrageous stuff on Twitter to get attention.
  12. When Ballard said he doesn't want guys who are bad for the locker room, I'm not sure he meant literally.
  13. I'll bet it's a 1 year deal less than 5 mil. At this point in free agency guys aren't getting more than that, so i'd be surprised.
  14. Pass, he's a one trick pony at this point. I'd rather have a smaller quicker guy later who can run a full route tree, gets great separation and has great hands.
  15. Love it. I liked Hanks a lot before the combine but he tested extremely poor. A 4.9ish 40 for a linebacker is almost undraftable range.
  16. Me too. Interesting enough the only time I saw Reich and Ballard sitting together at the combine on TV was when the Safeties were running the 40. Every other time they showed Reich, he was by himself. Also, I noticed that after Abram ran his 40, Ballard picked up his phone and texted somebody. Could mean something, could be conspiracy theory gibberish that's only in my head.
  17. The question was how do they know each other, logical to think maybe they became friends at the pro bowl. Edit, I think maybe you're agreeing with me? My bad
  18. A lot of people are high on Collier including Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network. However, I feel he is a very similar player to Tyquan Lewis.
  19. Probably met and bonded at the pro bowl?
  20. Allbright is a pretty reputable guy. Very plugged in.
  21. 2017 draft produced 4 starters possibly 5 as Stewart is the only NT on the roster plus a key backup in Hairston. That's an above average draft. 2018 is not the norm. It'll be impossible to replicate that year after year, hitting on 50% of your picks is generally considered really good.
  22. Bring back Geathers on a 1 year deal. We don't know what his injury situation is though. For all we know he could be mulling whether or not he wants to play again, like Mewhort. The only outside guy that I'd be interested in is DT Darius Philon from he Chargers.
  23. Bush would be BPA here but I'm not sure where the Colts would play him in the base defense if they don't view him as a Mike as mentioned above. Abram fits this defense perfectly at SS though. My preferred course of action though would be Tillery at 26 and Chauncy Gardner-Johnson at 34.
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