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  1. Hmm, I listened to the radio show and both he and Pagano said they "hoped" to work him back in this week. I don't recall either saying with certainty.
  2. My intention was to suggest that no one should mistake him for Sanders.
  3. Number of pass breakups was what I was responding to, not interceptions. Yeah, I know he's not Bob. I was just implying no one is going to mistake him for Sanders with his tackling ability. Suggesting he needs to improve.
  4. I think he only has two on the season. He and Wilson combined to knock down a deep pass against Arizona, that's all I remember. He's been more in the right place at the right time rather than making plays on the ball in the air. That will come though with more play recognition. He'll never be Bob Sanders but he does need to work on his angles and form tackling.
  5. That is nowhere near a given, just speculation on your part. Perhaps he stays, but the owner has actively explored replacing him the past two years. I personally think it would take a miraculous season.
  6. If anyone actually thinks that, they must have been dropped on their head as a child.
  7. Ah, i get your analogy now. It would be nice if Moncreif knew about this.
  8. He gets pressure a lot and gets the QB off his spot, but he's been a hair away from a few sacks. DeMarcus Lawrence has been beastly this season. One can only dream that we'll try to sign him next offseason.
  9. Claiborne hasn't done anything for the Jets this year and really has been mediocre to bad his whole career. He's no world beater. Melvin is currently outplaying him.
  10. It's still a real longshot. They arent great but they are nowhere near as bad as the Rams game showed.
  11. Funny how after week 1, it was " this is the worst team in the NFL, they might only win 4 games all year with Luck" and now after having to fight for a win over the horrible Browns the Colts are gonna win the division.
  12. Barkley would be wonderful here but the team just has too many glaring holes elsewhere to take a RB in round 1.
  13. He would be a great choice for DC assuming we keep the 3-4 scheme. Whoever comes in next year needs to bring in a quality veteran DC.
  14. DeMarcus Lawrence making himself some money this year and in tonight's game. He might be primed to be the top pass rusher on the market next year.
  15. They did go after Zietler, they just didn't land him. They have to actually close on guys next year.
  16. I honestly don't pay too much attention to who calls the game. I kinda just zone out and watch. Unless it's Don Fisher pre-season bad.
  17. Baker Mayfield was who was mentioned in the post I quoted.
  18. Lol. If that's the case why didn't Luck retire already? And why is he continuing to bust his butt rehabbing and throwing? Just to fleece the Colts out of another year's salary? C'mon man. And on top of that you plan to build around Johnny Manziel 2.0?
  19. People really have the attention span of gnats these days. One losing in the past 15 years. While some teams have gone almost 20 years without making the playoffs. People say the organization is bad, but guess what, they will list Indy as the #1 destination job regarding coaching vacancies next offseason.
  20. Why does Luck consistently get this kind of crap, but nobody ever says Drew Brees should get out of New Orleans or Phillip Rivers should get out of LA/SD or heck even Stafford should get out of Detroit? It's just hatred towards the Colts franchise and perhaps ownership and I honestly don't get it. This is the NFL, not the NBA, star players aren't coddled babies that run the asylum. Luck is a loyal dude, the Colts will right the ship and he'll be part of it the whole way.
  21. I wonder if Wilson had his bursa that he injured in the preseason flair up on him.
  22. Pugh might not hit the market but he has already stated he wants top guard money. Giants have OK cap space but if Pugh gets 12 mil, that would eat almost half of what they have available. Their center Richburg is also a FA. Not impossible that he could hit the market but like you said, Giants probably want to keep him. Pugh holds all the leverage in that scenario. Bengals had a bad line last year and still let Zeitler and Whitworth get away.
  23. If they hit free agency I think Justin Pugh and Trumaine Johnson are must target guys. I agree with the OP that Jarvis Landry would fit nice here but he'll likely want more money than T.Y. Mewhort is a mystery does he deserve a huge contract? No, but can we afford to let him go? A shame that there are no left tackles or pass rushers that are really good this year. I think those are the two biggest needs. I think if you locked up Mewhort and got Pugh, switching Castonzo to RT and getting a legit LT would make the line pretty dang good.
  24. That would be Soda Popinski. I played that game two days ago at the arcade bar. lol
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