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  1. Kinda shocked by that too. He doesn't look near that quick on tape. Maybe it's long strides.
  2. If the Colts get one of Abram, CGJ, or Savage the safety position will be in great shape.
  3. I just wonder why he waited until April to get something done.
  4. With Mr. Irsay taking a step back from being the one that always talks to the media I think he's given Ballard full authority to be the figure head of the organization. When he first started you could tell he wasn't quite used to talking with the media but he really came into his own. He seems likeable and relatable to both younger and older generations. More importantly I think he feel's he needed to restore some goodwill to the fanbase and right some of the wrongs of the previous administrations. Grigson was pompous and rude and would only talk with his BFF Dan Dakich and Polian
  5. I like the Helmets but not so much the jerseys. Not a fan of having text "New York" on the front and I really liked the shoulder pattern on their old jerseys better.
  6. I don't think this guy is a LT. From all that I've heard he's a RT that may have to play guard in the NFL. I like him as a prospect but I just don't see how he fits with the Colts, especially if you have to take him early.
  7. I expect the Browns to sign either Berry or Tre Boston now.
  8. He has a second chance but if the Colts took him initially they probably would have cut him too. Still smart to bypass his baggage.
  9. But he was also BPA. He was a top 5 prospect on NFL.com that fell because of injury. Everybody seemingly wanted Tak McKinnley or Rueben Foster, Tak hasnt done anything and Reuben is practically out of the league. Hard to really slam the Hooker pick at all.
  10. One of the biggest issues with the Grigson era was him thinking the team was closer to competing for a title than it actually was. That led to all the failed FA signings and more importantly the Richardson trade. I'm good with a GM actually sticking to a solid plan and his convictions. Build the roster the right way and build the depth.
  11. I've been a huge fan of Abram all offseason and would love to have him on the Colts. I would rather get him at 34 but I don't think he'd make it that far. I knew I wasn't crazy when I thought I saw Ballard eyeing him at the combine.
  12. I've always thought this could be an intriguing possibility for Funchess. The traditional idea of a slot receiver has changed and you're starting to see bigger guys there who can bully smaller nickelbacks. If it's TY and either Cain or draft pick on the outside and Funchess in the slot, that could be fun to watch.
  13. This is gonna be cool. The media team is rebounding nicely after the Nelson scream fiasco.
  14. I think Ebron found a new TD dance for next season.
  15. Granted you have to take everything LaCanfora says with a grain of salt, I could see it, but certainly not at #26. I think that is terrible value.
  16. Guys that I think Ballard might like in the 2nd round range; Darnell Savage, Justin Layne, Lonnie Johnson.
  17. If Baldinger's rumor about the Colts and Eagles liking the same guy is true, then that seems reasonable. Would likely cost the comp 4th rounder.
  18. According to the draft trade value chart, every pick we have wouldn't add up to the Jets' number 3 overall pick. You'd be looking at our first, both seconds, next year's first and more. Very very unlikely. http://walterfootball.com/draftchart.php
  19. The article that mentioned they will move up was on Bleacher Report and it contained nothing factual. It simply suggested that since they have an extra 2nd round pick, they'll likely move up. Just baseless spitballing at this point.
  20. Clearly the Colts were trying to bulk him up with two dinners. I don't really know how to feel about Burns. To me he's almost a carbon copy of Turay but maybe a tad more polished. Would the Colts have room for two designated pass rushers that can't really hold up against the run? I wouldn't be mad if they took him, but that's the concern I would have.
  21. Excellent. That just reminds me that the NFL draft and Avengers: Endgame is the same weekend. Can't wait.
  22. That ought to be fun. Also did the Pre-Season schedule get announced yet?
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