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  1. I wouldn't rule out TE either.
  2. Could really be anything. Another DB, another WR. A Dline guy like Omenihu or Renell Wren or even a RB like Damian Harris. Safety is the last true need I see.
  3. Hearing CGJ has attitude/character issues causing him to fall and I feel Thornhill might be snapped up soon. Maybe Amani Hooker?
  4. Wanted CGJ but hearing he's dropping due to character concerns. I like this pick if Reich and Sirianni have a plan for him early on.
  5. Good thing they don't have a good QB to throw to him
  6. Highest SPARQ rating of all edge players at the combine.
  7. He's one inch shorter than Turay and roughly the same weight. He'll be fine. He won't play linebacker. He was a pass rusher at TCU.
  8. He's one of 3 guys I wanted with this pick along with AJ Brown and CGJ. I'll stand on this hill and say I love it.
  9. He's a DE. Called it. I knew the Colts liked him and Rick Venturi absolutely loves this guy. Uber athletic pass rusher who's much more refined than Turay was last year.
  10. Chris also said this offseason that he wants to play more man to man coverage this year. In that case, corner becomes more important.
  11. This guy also looks like he could be Kelvin Hayden's brother.
  12. Not mad, good player at a position of need. All time name team. Key and Peele would agree.
  13. They didn't meet with Nelson last year. Anything is possible. I really think Banogu is a guy they might target. I heard the have a 2nd round grade on him.
  14. Give me three out of Greedy, Murphy, Justin Layne, AJ Brown, Hakeem Butler, McClaurin, Ben Banagu, Winovich, CGJ, Thornhill, Amani Hooker
  15. After the top two in White and Bush there is a steep cliff. Germaine Pratt is a good second day guy, but overall the LB class this year has been called extremely poor.
  16. If Sweat is on the board at 26 and the Colts pass, I will be the one with the heart condition.
  17. Possible, if they like someone enough and think that maybe the Pats will take him they could move from 34 to 31 and then get the bonus of the 5th year option. It would be kinda sweet to snatch someone the Patriots want.
  18. Heck no for a 30 year old expensive slot corner. Pick swap of 34 for 41 maybe but I'd pass on Harris.
  19. All the quality LT's will be long gone by 26. They do seem to have a lot of interest in Lindstrom at guard but I'd be very surprised if he's the pick.
  20. I'm not an advocate of trading for him but according to the Seattle media, what you mentioned above is exactly what he has done his whole pro career. Ed Dodds would know better than anyone I suppose.
  21. He's not an NFL QB IMO. Teams even wanted him to run safety drills at the combine because of that. I think there are better options if you're looking for a long term backup.
  22. Nope. Not really an ideal 4-3 DE anyways, best in a 3-4. Was fat and out of shape at both the combine and his pro-day. Tested in the 0.9th percentile for edge rushers, not good. On top of that character concerns and reportedly has had horrible interviews with teams. Should be off the Colts board entirely IMO.
  23. His athletic testing was horrible. His 3-cone time would have been bad for a 4-cone drill. Also showed up for his pro day out of shape which is unacceptable considering he wasn't allowed at the combine. Looking athis tape I see a pure bull rusher, a guy too stiff to bend the edge in the NFL. He shouldn't be considered a 1st round pick IMO. I'd take a flyer maybe in the 3rd round.
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