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  1. Is Walker out of Practice Squad eligibility or does he have one more year left? I don't see the team carrying 3 QB's so it's Kelly vs. Walker for the PS.
  2. I certainly hope Luck is the one throwing to them. I found it curious that he reportedly wasn't throwing in phase 2 workouts. I'm sure he's good or Ballard would have mentioned it.
  3. It's not Irsay's cap space it's the Colts' cap space and Ballard is the one choosing not to spend it. Irsay has and always will give his GM's free reign to execute their plan. He let Grigson spend all he wanted. Jim will do anything needed to win, he's never been tight with money.
  4. This tells me that they are going all-in on the Seattle style D with the pass rushing SAM/Leo role.
  5. My thoughts? It's 2019, who cares. The commentary was not good, it was disrespectful.
  6. Props to you @stitches, you really do your homework and seem to have a passion for this. I'll agree that the Willis pick was the first pick that made me scratch my head because I was not familiar with him. However, after reading how many pundits were high on him and doing some more research, I like the pick. I watched this guy cover Purdue's Rondale Moore in the slot pretty much 1 on 1 all game and hold him to one of his least effective games all season. That's impressive. I view anything after the 4th round as a coinflip anyways so I'm not overly upset with Speed, Gree
  7. Pagano is with the Bears, not the Packers. Pettine is the GB DC.
  8. I think that's pretty close to spot on. I think Farley would make it over Kindred. The battle for the last CB between Collins, Hairston, and Milton will be one to watch. Green would have to show a lot to beat at Muhammed IMO. PS looks good.
  9. All the hype the Colts are getting is making me nervous. They have the talent on paper, but I'm pumping the brakes on my own expectations. The last time they were talked up this much was 2015 and that's when the wheels fell off. I think they can be tremendous but they have to stay healthy and prove it. They have targets on their backs now.
  10. It's a good thing for him that Seattle's offense is just: 1st down - Run, 2nd down - Run, 3rd down - Russ, scramble for your life and throw deep.
  11. There have also been a few videos floating around showing that whenever he did go deep, Haskins would miss him by a mile. The deep ball accuracy was one of Haskins' major criticisms so there's probably a few reasons why he wasn't used deep.
  12. Zeke Elliot got suspended six games for less. The league will take this seriously.
  13. He's probably temporarily banned from the Colts facility until they fix that wall he destroyed haha.
  14. What an amazing series. Seeing Reich so pumped up has me pumped up. I think it's also pretty obvious Ed Dodds is heading for a GM job sooner rather than later.
  15. Keep in mind Dodds came from Seattle where they kind of used Bruce Irvin a lot like they are planning to do with Banogu.
  16. It was reported by JMV and later reiterated by a couple other reporters that Sweat was indeed off their board with medicals.
  17. They were never going to take Sweat because it was reported that the Colts doctors gave it a thumbs down therefore he was off their board. It will be interesting to see if he plays a long and healthy career like everyone hopes. I wanted Sweat but I can see why they passed. I wouldnt be able to live it down if I drafted a guy with a known condition and something horrible happened.
  18. I disagree on Ward considering they didn't add a DT. I think Nate Hairston has the hottest seat.
  19. I felt they would draft Banogu for sure but that's the only one I got. I also didn't make a mock this year.
  20. Just like the Jets last year it gives me a team to root against all year for the better draft pick.
  21. I mean it's a fine theory but right now it's just a guess. Something may come out later but I do believe JMV that Jacobs was a target. He may not have been the only target but he was a primary one.
  22. He usually has pretty good intel from people with the team. The Raven's didn't trade up to 25 though, they traded back from 22 to 25. I think a trade down was always in the cards.
  23. JMV was saying on his radio show Friday that the Colts were targeting Josh Jacobs and that the team doctors gave a "thumbs down" to Montez Sweat. Thus the trade down.
  24. 2nd year in a row they've traded a DT for a 7th rounder.
  25. Gardner-Johnson is falling because of character concerns so as much as I like him, I doubt he's the pick. Hooker would be great but I bet he goes early. Malik Gant of Marshall could be a guy to watch.
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