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  1. To regain all of his lost muscle mass in a fraction of the time it would normally take.
  2. Doubtful. After Ben Watson briefly retired he underwent testosterone replacement therapy but when he decided to make a comeback he was suspended because of it. So as far as I know, no kind of medical prescription loophole exists.
  3. Reports today is that his criminal investigation is no longer active and he will likely rejoin the team for training camp. CPS case is still active though.
  4. Well Cain is currently sitting at zero so anything he produces will be considered a huge leap from last year. But considering that's kind of a cop-out answer, I'll go with Turay. He just has unteachable physical tools and more importantly seems to be putting in the work.
  5. From what I've heard, they are giving Banagu more reps at DE because he has come in and really shocked them at how well he is doing. His personal trainer was on a Locked On Colts Podcast recently saying that he worked exclusively on pass rush moves after the combine that he never showed at TCU. He supposedly came into rookie camp with a repertoire of moves that really surprised the Colts coaching staff. So I really do not think it was indicative of Turay at all, just that Banagu has showed out and may actually be more of a pure DE than the hybrid they thought.
  6. I'd be surprised it the Colts signed him now. This is the time of year that they work out guys to see how they are physically and then they keep tabs on them in case there is an injury in camp or early in the season. Much like Inman last year.
  7. Are you forgeting the Grigson years where they spent like crazy on overpaid nobodies? It's fairly obvious it is Ballard's financial plan, not Irsay's. Not sure what you have against Irsay all the time. Besides, the Colts started with over $110 million in cap space and spent over $50m of it, which in any normal year would be a great deal of spending.
  8. He's the only draft pick that was announced as a future Hall of Famer. He wants to be compensated accordingly.
  9. He and Reich have already both stated that he wasn't going to throw until OTA's. Implying that he would be throwing now if he didn't suffer the calf injury. I believe Kevin Bowen stated that he'll likely work out with House after the June mini camp and before training camp.
  10. I hear ya, but they really aren't allowed to do very much in OTA's anyways. Very basic drills in shells and not always at full speed. The meat of the offseason work and playbook installation is training camp. That's why they are cautious with guys in the spring. Campbell can always workout privately with Luck like Rogers did at Stanford last year. Plenty of opportunities.
  11. I was referring to the playoff game in Arrowhead.
  12. Agree to disagree, they got their backsides handed to them in all 3 phases of the game.
  13. Agreed. Let's not forget the soft schedule down the stretch and beating a very overrated Texans team. When the team lined up at Arrowhead the following week, the talent gap was very noticeable.
  14. Count me in the group that would not be shocked if they slightly regress. I think it's entirely possible they will be a much better team but could finish with the same or less wins due to the brutal schedule. There's been so much hype around the team and I'm not quite sure it's totally deserved...yet. There are still a few holes on the roster. I think this team can be very good, compete for the division title and a top 4 team in the AFC if all goes right. I just don't know if they're the SB contenders that many on this board proclaim.
  15. I highly doubt he ends up anywhere other than Cleveland. From the sound of thing's that's where he wants to be if the money is even. Dorsey seems to have made him a priority as well even though their DT position seems already set.
  16. This could not be more false. It's already been reported Jim has told Chris he'd open up the wallet for anything he wanted to do.
  17. Lol, the Bengals, bless their hearts. I don't understand the Browns interest as they already paid Sheldon Richardson big money to be their 3-tech and have Ogunjobi at the nose. Seems like if he wants to start, Colts and Pats would have the best opportunity plus scheme fit.
  18. I mean, it's pretty hard to argue with the 5 names on that list. I think Luck is a top 7 QB all day but those top 5 are really good. Brady didn't have a top 5 regular season, but you can't not have him on the list.
  19. I'd say that's a little high. He was due to make 13 million and typically when older guys are cut for cost savings, they usually don't sign for near the same amount.
  20. One playoff win since the Eisenhower administration will do that to you.
  21. I see that, and I like the instant info from credible news sources too, but it's the ability to have every anonymous clown chime in that brings it down. I dumped all social media years ago and I've never been happier about it.
  22. Sad. I'd be ok if Twitter just went away alltogether.
  23. Luck probably strained his calf riding has bike back and forth to the Speedway.
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