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  1. Doubtful. After Ben Watson briefly retired he underwent testosterone replacement therapy but when he decided to make a comeback he was suspended because of it. So as far as I know, no kind of medical prescription loophole exists.
  2. Reports today is that his criminal investigation is no longer active and he will likely rejoin the team for training camp. CPS case is still active though.
  3. One playoff win since the Eisenhower administration will do that to you.
  4. I see that, and I like the instant info from credible news sources too, but it's the ability to have every anonymous clown chime in that brings it down. I dumped all social media years ago and I've never been happier about it.
  5. Sad. I'd be ok if Twitter just went away alltogether.
  6. I'll say Isabella because you just know that he's going to end up on the Patriots.
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