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  1. He was awful last year which is why they are releasing him.
  2. Yet we were supposedly targeting Shane Ray in the draft last year but Denver traded up to get him. If true that goes against Grigson's no red flags policy.
  3. Lee isnt that much lighter than D'Qwell and Freeman. While he could fit in a 3-4, his ideal fit would be as a 4-3 Will. He would be a sideline to sideline player for sure, better than Freeman, but might get worked in the run game.
  4. Cole doesn't even bother getting his facts straight he says "there's concern within the Colts organization about the condition of Luck's shoulder, which kept him out of games at the end of last season and ultimately cost him a chance to return." The shoulder didn't keep him out the rest of the season, the lacerated Kidney did. Cole sounds like a cool guy when he's on the radio but he's a complete doofus when it comes to reporting.
  5. Jason Cole is hardly ever right about anything.
  6. Reminds me of Shane Ray last year, off field concerns and didn't test well. The Colts reportedly were interested in drafting Ray last year though.
  7. Agreed. If he wants too much, cut DQ and take a swing at Trevathon. It'll never happen though but I'd love to be wrong.Trevathon, Irving, Moore and a draft pick like Josh Perry in the mid rounds would be solid.
  8. I'll say just two guys of note. Then a few lower tier depth guys like a WR4. Jeff Allen and Casey Heyward
  9. 25 million is still pretty good and around middle of the pack in the league. We'll add at least 12 million more in cuts. Plenty of room to re-sign our own guys and one or two upper tier free agents.
  10. Well, Vernon and Irvin will be available but you'll have to pay a pretty penny for them. Do you pay for another old guy in Tamba Hali? Do you kick the tires on a Shea McClellan or try to trade for Dion Jordan? I personally can't see any of those scenarios so like you said, I think we're stuck with Mathis, Walden and rookies unfortunately.
  11. The top 3 tackles will likely all be off the board at 18 and a center or guard will not be BPA at that slot. Now if you trade down and acquire an extra pick, I then think a guy like Kelly or Whitehair would make sense. Still a possibility that OL is addressed in FA as well.
  12. Corner is definitely a need. I kinda think they address it via FA, but if they don't it's right up there with OL and pass rush as the #1 needs. I kinda think the top 3 guys, Ramsay, Hargreaves and Alexander are all of the board by Oakland's pick though. Correa I like, he would be a nice mid round high upside guy.
  13. Not necessarily based on what most everybody is reporting at the combine. His knee is really really bad. It was reported he would likely fall to day 3. But I guess it only takes one team to roll the dice
  14. After seeing edge rushers largely disappoint and the awful news about Smith, I'm more inclined to go oline or dline in the 1st. Billings or I'm warming up to trading down and getting Ryan Kelly and picking up another pick. Arizona is the only other team I could see taking Kelly in the 1st.
  15. Not impressed with Spence's numbers so far. I thought he'd be faster. Didn't Werner run in the 4.8s? I think Floyd will impress but I would still take Spence over him
  16. Eric Kendricks Tyler Lockett or David Johnson Henry Anderson TJ Clemmings David Parry Ifo Ekpre Olamu Lael Collins I think we could have gotten Denzel Goode as an udfa but I'm glad we have him
  17. I kind of expected him to miss the entire season, but the buzz words "at least" and "nerve damage" scare me. I've been on board with taking him if he's there but now I'm hesitant unless he's there in round 2.
  18. He'll go to the Raiders or the Bears. Both have plenty of cap and are his former coaches in Fox and Del Rio. But, i'd drop D'Qwell in heartbeat and sign this guy and Freeman to man the middle.
  19. On the LB measurement side, Leonard Floyd checked in at 6'6" 244lbs. I'm sure that will alleviate some people's concerns. Jaylon Smith checked in at 223 lbs, most likely because of his inability to workout due to the injury though.
  20. If Smith is there, take him. If Smith is gone and Spence is there, take him. Other than that BPA (non WR). Id be ok with an O-lineman/D-Lineman.
  21. I would too but that second round pick is really valuable as there will be a pretty good player there, likely a offensive lineman. To Jump up between 10 and 13 (Philly could be a good trade partner as at 18 they could still get a tackle) it would cost you that second rounder. If we could get by with only giving up a third or maybe a third and a future second I'd be for it. But right now, as much as it pains me, I'm preparing for Smith to go off the board early.
  22. Smith will not be there unless we trade up and if we trade up we wont get Martin.
  23. If this is based off of his interview with JMV yesterday, I wouldn't read too much into it. I think he said that he spoke with Chuck and Ryan once and that there wasn't any progress to report. He also said that he believes he is an elite Tight End and that Rosenhaus has been selling that as well. So if he's looking for elite TE money, so long. He's nowhere near elite at this point.
  24. All you can eat buffet owners in Baltimore rejoice!
  25. Sell me on Thompson, is he a true FS? My favorite FS in this draft is Joseph but I doubt he'll be there in round 2. I like Cash and Killebrew as well but they are more SS types and very similar to Geathers. I feel like we need a ballhawk to pair with Geathers who is more of a thumper.
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