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  1. In next year's draft they would, not this one.
  2. Kawann Short is returning to Purdue for his senior season. I'm very high on Fleener. 6'6 and very fast, may not be as physical as Gronkowski but the kid has definite ability. He may be the first TE off the board. If he or Kendall Wright fall to 34 I would seriously consider taking them if Barron/Poe are off the board.
  3. If we're looking for a sproles type we could always draft LaMichael James in the 3rd or 4th. I think there are bigger needs at those slots though.
  4. T.Y Hilton from Florida Intl. is a pretty dynamic return man as well and seems to be getting quite a bit of love in this year's draft.
  5. So you are saying dump Manning and don't draft Luck? That will not go over well here. So you would want to have a team like the Bears who have always had solid defenses but haven't hada solid QB since Sid Luckman? If Manning goes it's clearly Luck. In fact if Manning were to have retired last year, everybody would be ecstatic to have the opportunity to draft Andrew Luck right now. Just a difficult situation all around.
  6. I like Fleener as well but experts seem to have him as a late first round grade now. So if we get him it will have to be with our second pick and will pass on some potentially good defensive players. I also don't think Kirkpatrick will fall that far, I feel there will be a run on corners and someone will roll the dice on him mid-first round.
  7. I think with Arians on borad we might see more the quicker smaller reciever (i.e Santonio Holmes and the current Steeler corps.) This makes me think that Kendall Wright would be an intriguing pick if available at 34. Also, I heard some rumblings that Michael Crabtree could be on the trading block for a mid-round pick. He seemed like a solid possession reciever this year except for a few drops in the playoffs. Would he be worth a 4-5th round selection? He's a pretty solid edge blocker and Arians loves WR screens which Crabtree ran a ton of at Texas Tech. Just a thought, I would draft Jeffery (p
  8. I think we might take a look at a lot more defensive players that we would not have thought of before the Pagano hire. A 3-4 D requires a lot of interchangable parts and depth at linebacker and defensive line. Every year there is projected first round talent that slips into the early second. Also every year their is a run on certain positions, I think there could be a run on corners this year knowing how the league has become so pass happy. I could see us trading our 2nd round pick back into the first to grab a defensive player that Pags and Grigson have targeted. It may infact be Poe or Burfi
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