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  1. Umm...not sure you're aware, but their redeivers are back in Cle under Covid protocol. They virtually have no receivers.
  2. Early on I am VERY pleasantly surprised at the OLine. They look pretty good today.
  3. Wow, TY in 3rd place Colts all time shows you how special Marv and Reggie were.
  4. Nice block by Green. Got to vie him redit for that one. Got away with a hold on the next play, though, lol.
  5. I was wondering, but the ball never went forward so I didn't think that it would have worked.
  6. Flus has found his early vibe so far this game. D looking awesome!
  7. Visiting in Philly area for the Holidays so I get to see it as it happens instead of being a play or two behind. Can’t wait to hear Romo and Nance call it. I do like them.
  8. Was excited as soon as I saw some film on him. I thought he would just share the load with Mack, but once he went down I was impatient and immediately wanted more carries for him. I can't complain the way Rathman and Reich have handled him thus far, but I wonder if his stats would be better if they hadn't been so determined to go the RB by committee route? As for 1000 yards, I think Reich will try to get it for him, but he is probably going to try to save him if we are up big on the Jags in the last game to keep him fresh for the playoffs. Maybe I should change my vote for 1k to
  9. Wow. 2 games, 2 game ending fumbles. Leonard is the beast on that one.
  10. Smart play by JB. Make they think you're faking then go for it.
  11. Did we get 6 yards a carry that last drive? We ran the ball. Again, take what they give you. Respect the Specs!!!!
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