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  1. Indeed possible. Doubt Tua can bring them back, but they may want one more score from the starters just to be sure? We shall see...
  2. You got your wish. Bills get another 7 in just 44 seconds. 28-6. Starters will probably be pulled after the 3rd at this rate.
  3. Make that 3 for McKenzie. The last one on a punt return. Bills up 21-3. Looking good for us right now, but a whole half+ to play yet.
  4. Bills now up 14-3. 2 for McKenzie today. Allen looking real good.
  5. Bills starting to click on offense. D is playing well. Just have to hope that they can score a bunch of points before they take out their starters.
  6. Not going to get concerned until after the half on any of these games.
  7. Any foul committed with less than 5 mins to play in the game should be reviewed by the Sky Judge.
  8. We've done it a few times in here before since it's all relevant. Just sayin'...
  9. Haha...it was actually somewhat similar for me in that everyone else (my brother, best friend, etc) all had favorite teams and I didn't. It was just before the '69 Super Bowl and the Colts were heavily favored to win (and I wanted a winner), so I chose the Colts as my favorite team. We all know how that worked out, lol. Pure embarassment for 9 year old me, haha. No, the Jets were still at Shea at the time. To this day I still loathe Joe Willie...still have no idea how he made it to the HOF. I still think it was solely because of the win over the Colts to make the AFL legit.
  10. Thanks again for opening the thread, NFLfan. Happy New Year, everyone! Hoping we start the new year off with an entry into the playoffs. We should win without too much difficulty today, but the Jags always play us tough. 27 - 10 Colts. Never understood flexing us to the late games when the TV coverage looks exactly the same as it would had we been in the 1PM slot? It's not like any more people are going to be able to see the game so no need for the added drama. Oh well. Whatever... GO Colts! All day. Every day.
  11. Have to agree here. You start Veldeer and he'll be gassed by halftime if not before if we go on some long drives. Nelson should move to LT.
  12. Yep. This is something I don’t like hearing. By the way, what’s the status on Holden. Things started heading south for the O once he got injured. I haven’t watched the replay yet, but I thought he did well while he was in there.
  13. I believe the ball was in the air at the time of the hold, thus the PI.
  14. I agree, but that last one seemed to have better hang time. He probably still working on getting back to 100%.
  15. If they score make them spend the rest of the quarter doing so.
  16. If we don't allow them to score this drive I will feel as good as you do.
  17. He struggled a bit early but hasn't hurt us since. He isn't playing badly.
  18. I think the fact that Glow was properly engaged to begin with negates the push in the back. If the defender turns his back on you you don't have to stop blocking him. I think it was a poor call.
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