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  1. Whether or not we deserve it we won't be in it.
  2. Ball control, boys. Wear them down. 10-0 Colts!
  3. Hines showing beast mode? What's gotten into these RB's? haha.
  4. What does he need? He needed 180 or something like that last game, right?
  5. New guy had a nice block on Jack to spring JT. He's already making an impact.
  6. Fumble Miami. They're falling apart at the seams.
  7. I'm still worried about his conditioning, but if he can hold up it would be a great help. Guy looks massive, that's for sure.
  8. Bills' RB Mario Williams is a bonafied bull.
  9. Okay, so an observation on Tua: he virtually never throws to the right. He just did an threw high for a pick.
  10. Pattmon. Hmm...interesting. He may actually see the field today.
  11. Well, it would depend on how we lost. If we lost our whole OLiine I could hardly blame Frank on that. However, if our O sputters and fails to perform I would not be unhappy if Ballard handed his playbook over to Sirianni.
  12. Allen is done for the day. This is not too good....
  13. Not feeling it yet. Depends on if the Bills can score on their first drive or not.
  14. Depends on what they do with their coaching staff. My guess is a lot will change in the off-season coaching wise.
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