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  1. Absolutely no push from the DL. Yates has all day to throw. Nice hit by Basham, though.
  2. Thanks again, LOS for opening the thread - the last one of the season. Hoping for a good game from our kids. Win or lose we should be setting ourselves up for a good draft position. Much to look forward to in the new year. Happy New Year my Colts family!
  3. I would actually disagree with the last part of that statement. He showed a nice "touch" when he lofted the ball over the defender's head to TY (forget what quarter) for a nice gain, and although his throws are still a bit high, he has shown that he actually can throw a screen pass as evidenced a few times last night. I did not see him completing either of these types of throws at the beginning of the season. I did see improvement in his accuracy - though it can clearly get better - and I think his decision making is getting better. He threw the ball away late in the game to p
  4. If we find out, before the draft, that we don't have ALuck for all of 2018 I would still draft other needs before drafting a QB. A very good line can make an average (though I think he is above average) QB look very good. On the other hand, as we've seen, a very good QB looks crappy behind a bad line. I still think Brissett can be much better starting QB with a full camp and better O and D.
  5. To the bolded; my thoughts have always been that you take BPA in that position, unless you already have a true blue chipper in place. In our case I would think QB and center are already set (pending Luck getting better before draft time). I'm comfortable with our young CB's, and don't think we need to spend that high a pick at Safety. Every other position I would go BPA. If an edge rusher and OL were rated equally I would probably go edge. They're a rare commodity in this league and you rarely get a good one in FA.
  6. MB-ColtsFan

    Adam V

    Agree. In those terrible conditions he was dead center and missed it by maybe one yard. Until he consistently misses I want him as my kicker.
  7. Thanks again for opening up the thread, LOS! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Even though I don't think we have a prayer...hoping to win this one. Hmm... the second pick in the NFL draft sure would be nice, though...
  8. I keep telling my wife "There is no blue in Christmas", but the white " shoe" is just fine. Wishing all of my brothers & sisters in Colts Nation a very blessed Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
  9. Frank still has some left in the tank. If he wants to come back I would have him to save a draft spot. Then again, if we draft a solid RB in the later rounds I would let him walk.
  10. Haha...yeah. It's one of those episodes that just never gets old. The other one that always sticks in my mind is the one with Sammy Davis Jr. The ending is sooo funny.
  11. All of which reminds me of this...
  12. No doubt she won on that point.
  13. Not sure which is worse, the used sock or a lump of coal?
  14. Okay, I'll bite since my wife's maiden name is Dilly: The Colts 2017 season is like waiting for the team to come out of the tunnel for the first game of the season led by Luck, but instead you see the 2011 Colts led by Curtis Painter...Dilly Dilly!
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