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    Just a guy.  Nothing special.  Have been a Colts fan since just before the 1969 Super Bowl (ugh!).  Born and bred in NJ, moved to Myrtle Beach, SC in 2015 when I retired.

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  1. Now to see if he clears and gets re-signed. My guess is he will. Sam got hurt.
  2. He has a bad wheel but still makes plays. He leads by example.
  3. Ouch! CW didn't do Pascal good on that high pass across the middle.
  4. He's had a couple of tough games but this one is just penalty bad.
  5. We beat a team we should beat. Frank's offense looked good this week. We got chunk plays.
  6. Somewhere Dandy Don is smiling right now, and Howard Cosell is laughing.
  7. If you're not joking, he means this Ravens team move to Baltimore from Cleveland.
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