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  1. Hmmmm... Falcons are a top 10 defense in terms of yardage. We had no run game. The Falcons are the top run defending team right now. It's tough to beat a good defensive team. We did. I doubt we win that game with Pep. He telegraphed far too much. Had it not been for some offensive mistakes (backup QB and all), we likely would have had a much better point differential.
  2. How can you be certain that Hasselbeck didn't expect him to run a different route than he was supposed to run? I'm not saying one is wrong or the other, but I find it hard to believe you would know this unless it was said post game.
  3. This. The one guy that got open on him was Julio... yeah, terrible. Beat by likely the best receiver in the league... he sucks... Geez. Definitely impressed by Geathers first full game as a starter.
  4. Eh, you're probably right. I just know that most of the time when he gets beat, it's usually a mistep (IE - sloppy footwork) that gives the receiver a head start, but he can't recover once he has been beat (lack of speed). To me, we let Jeraud Powers go for Toler. Both were injury prone, but I would probably give the nod to Powers in skills. He just didn't have the size. At this point, I would REALLY like to see this team draft one corner early in the draft, and another one later in the draft. Most of the corners we have are marginal/decent, but nothing we can truly build around. Hopef
  5. I would agree with this. To me, Toler's technique doesn't seem to be THAT bad. But he lacks recovery speed. When he gets beat, it's over. Some corners can run after they get beat and still make a play. Toler will rely far more often on a poorly thrown deep ball to either slow the receiver down a step or simply an over throw. But if the QB puts the ball in stride, good night. Toler could potentially play well for us at the safety position in center field. But his days as a man to man corner appear to be behind him. Trouble is, Smith has been injured and I suppose Grigson has enough in
  6. You do realize that having a father who makes millions per year doesn't equate to equality. I am quite sure that what that individual was referring to had less to do with money and more to do with treatment. It's cute how people think that just because someone comes from wealth they're not dealing with some form of mistreatment.
  7. There were a few games where we were down by more than a couple of scores. The Jets and Bills. Granted, both of those teams have solid defenses, but each of them we should have been in the game through all 4 quarters, and we only wake up in the 4th. Some of that was Luck. Most of that was Pep, IMO. My reasoning to suggest it is mostly Pep is simply that we were far too often putting our offense in predictable situations with bad play calling, and yet we still remain predictable. At some point, Luck is going to try to force things to his playmakers to get something to happen. He doesn't
  8. The only thing I'll disagree with you on is that time will tell if this was the right move. To me, Pep needed to go. Period. He constantly would telegraph formations. We line up heavy on 3rd and 1... we're running, and likely getting dominated. With Chud, it was a pretty good mix. Some flips to Whalen. Some runs, etc. Is it going to be good long term? That remains to be seen. But for me, our offense was efficient and effective against one of the league's best defenses. Before we were getting beat, and in some cases handily, by lesser teams.
  9. Complete and utter nonsense. He played a part in season one without a doubt, but to suggest that he had more of a part than Pagano is ignorant. Arians was not with the team in year 2 or 3, so were we just riding on the wings of what he set us up for?
  10. Crowning Arians is premature. Heck, Pagano turned this program around from a 2-14 team to an 11-5 team in three straight seasons. No one should get hailed as a top 5 HC without a SB to his name, IMO. Belicheck is the only obvious answer here. Coughlin had some very good years for the NYG. Carroll hit back to back SB, winning one. McCarthy is another good one with a very consistent program. Tomlin went twice, winning one I believe.
  11. Terrible is a stretch. They're definitely not world beaters, but when you have an OC that prefers to run plays with 7 step drops... Looking at the line right now, they could be better, but they're not THAT bad. On most of Luck's INTs, he was at ease in the pocket for a good 4-5 seconds without pressure. It is simply a matter of no one getting open. I am not going to say that Grigson did well on the offensive line. His selection of Dorsett is widely viewed as one that should have been an offensive lineman. I don't recall if there were any standout prospects available at our spot, but s
  12. The commentators can be wrong plenty of times. Heck, there's times where there is a blatant fall that they totally gloss over. The only thing that matters is if he has control of the ball when the ball touches the ground. He did. It wasn't rolling about freely. There was not enough visual evidence to overturn the call as called. Had they called it the other way on the field, they probably couldn't have overturned it that way either.
  13. This, to me, is only true if Grigson was dictating coaching staff and personnel to Pagano. At this point, if any of that was true, it could seem like Irsay is, in a sense, giving Pagano the keys on the coaching side and stripping them from Grigson. If it plays out, we could retain both through additional seasons. If not, it would seem a front office refresh is in store. When I look at what Grigson has done, you have to give him credit for his personnel: Luck was of course a gimme, though the talking heads were clamoring for RG-ME and he stuck with Luck Vontae Davis TY Hilton Donte Monc
  14. One hand slipped? The ball didn't move. He had two hands on the ball and while the ball did touch the ground it did not move. There was not enough evidence (IMO) to overturn the call on the field.
  15. Moorehead - Decent football talent, little in terms of athleticism, good height. Hall - Good physical talent, little football talent, poor durability Hart - Good football talent, light in terms of athleticism, poor size characteristics Baptiste and Fugger don't really fit this conversation, IMO. For me, Whalen is a fairly good athlete. I think people see him as undrafted and assume otherwise. He's a 4.5 guy which is exactly what Wayne was (both recorded times as low as 4.45). Not much else can be found on Wayne, but Whalen's 3 cone was 6.89, which is respectable (better than Sammie
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