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  1. RT @MikeAndMike: RT this for a chance to go to ESPN’s College GameDay on 10/1. #mmtuesdaysweeps Rules: https://t.co/4Kjh5Hla9G https://t.c…

  2. @HistoryChanneI why are you people lying to us. This Acient aliens crap is just a bunch of made up junk. Can't believe you call this history

  3. I just entered to win Black Sabbath tickets! @957WQMF https://t.co/ylh9lwq85V

    1. JPPT1974


      Good luck my friend!

  4. @MikeAndMike "Jets&Jeers" #NameTheMike's

  5. Bobby Petrino, and louisville is the next Baylor, the treatment of women and sexual scandals runs rampant. NCAA needs to impose deathpenalty

    1. Synthetic



      Completely agree, but they'll probably ignore it like they always do. 

  6. I just entered to win Bristol Motor Speedway tickets from @WKQQLexington! https://t.co/pnClP5LfFH

  7. @Edwerderespn So sorry for your loss, I'm crying and praying for your family buddy. God Bless you and your family. Best wishes buddy.

  8. @JenLada My god you are so beautiful, I so hope to see more of you on ESPN. Just THE most gorgeous lady on all of T.V. You make my day.

  9. Slasher TV Show | Chiller https://t.co/FnAW2fcbJ2

  10. @FirstTake. vs. @TheHerd = #TheHerd

    1. southwest1


      Are you seeking feedback on which show people like more or simply inquiring about which program people find the least annoying? Just curious...

  11. @FirstTake wow things look bad for brady, now it's "ANTI-BRADY JUDGES" #Skipsan*.

  12. @BeMore27 I see ya, Player of the Year. #BigBlueNation

  13. @FirstTake I'll say it for ya Stephen A. Payton's name never gets dragged thru the mud like all the black players.

  14. Use are cap room sparingly, and build thru the draft. We gota get a deffense. #ColtsNation https://t.co/QbsqWIVJLT

  15. Thanks alot @ChetWallaby I just got some bacon pizza. Sweet.

  16. @ATPWorldTour Serena is the biggest roid head on the tour. It's so obvious people, she's a cheat

  17. Hope we can keep Vinateri,HOFer by the way, we need him esp. With new PAT yds, pay the man. #ColtsNation https://t.co/zSV44b5M84

  18. https://t.co/Wp7Ajpua0n

  19. https://t.co/h17XDDC8yW

  20. @CottonBowlGame poor ol sparty looks finished already. I just hate that 'flow red tide' %.

  21. You should always wink back at your dog in case it's some sort of code.

  22. #ColtsMobile: Will Charlie Whitehurst Be Asked (Again) To Lead A Team To The Playoffs? https://t.co/kOGq71SNVc

  23. Join the Colts Stampede! https://t.co/cfSrS8OgJ3

  24. @FirstTake HA, HA HA Johnny to the cowboys HA HA HA #SKIPSan*

  25. I have a Love Hate relationship with the @NFL. WHAT A TERRIBLE GAME. BAD PRODUCT. but I can't stop watching. I Hate/loving you @NFL

    1. oldunclemark


      The NFL isn't a product...32 teams do what they can and you watch the ones you like.

      Just because one kind of pizza is bad you don't blame all pizza nation for having a 'bad product'

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