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  1. I see. How about forgiveness and letting someone have a fresh start?
  2. I have done nothing offensive. I am pleasent even when attacked. I have a valid point of view shared by many others. I will make sure to keep it that way. Your gripe here was with Peter King, not me. If I had not posted it someone else would have eventually. I even stated in the opening that I thought King was exagerating. If you don't like my posts why not just put me on ignore?
  3. And I will continue to do that. I think the offense will be a juggernaut but the defense with that many new players "may" be a problem. So, I think Peter King is the troll ;-)
  4. All I did was report what King said in his column today. Your problem is with him, not me. I said I thought it was an exageration but I do think this defense is very suspect.
  5. He has not made a habit of hiring name coaches. Dungy was an exception. I don't have any problem with what he has done, it has worked for the most part. I was just commenting that I don't think bringing in a big name college coach is an option for Irsay.
  6. I agree the offense is going to be top five. This defense with rookie starters will be lucky to avoid being in the bottom five. They have gone in the wrong direction from last year and they were not so hot then.
  7. Yeah, I am sure this group will strike fear into the heart of any NFL QB.
  8. I think that is true when it is a QB. I doubt another position player would have that kind of impact. The closest might be Watt. Also, someteams have a backup QB that would not be that much of a dropoff. Only the true franchise QBs fall in the catagory of being irreplaceable.
  9. Slightly over stated since he has never been 14-2 in the regular season but I get your point.
  10. Now you were doing fine until you said "10 times better". The record doesn't indicate that and I am a big fan of Rodgers.
  11. I didn't miss it at all. I think they are just as bad as you stated.
  12. The last time he was injured for a year, the difference was seven games and they didn't make the playoff. Yes, the Colts defense is a mess and the Oline is just not very good. But there is certainly nothing wrong with Luck's arm. That is the topic here. He is so good and he makes the team so much better and that covers up the deficiencies you mentioned.
  13. I like what you say but do you really think the Colts only win one game for the year without Luck? I think they are better than that.
  14. I do not think Irsay would pay the money the first two would demand and I doubt that he would consider anyone with a Patriot connection. Hiring another defense coordinator is most likely.
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