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  1. Yeah, he's got a ways to go yet, but he's doing well especially not throwing the picks. I like his progress thus far.
  2. Even though I started watching Johnny U in Baltimore, I live here; and there's no doubt I'm an Indy Colts fan.
  3. They were definitely better in this game. I want to say that Wentz has been playing his little heart out. He's still learning the O. He's been beat up. The team has been beat up. Yet, he's had them in every game. I appreciate his heart to put it on the line. Plus, I still believe this is a really good young team. They'll be a tough out when they get their bodies back. If not, who can win without them.
  4. Like all of Reich's players, Pittman needs to just do his job. He has all the skills and seems very motivated. They're going to spread it around. I'm actually high on the entire receiver squad. There is a ton of talent there. The only real question is who'll chair the committee until TY gets back. Why not Pitt?
  5. Started watching Johnny U in the fifties. Been here ever since! Go Colts!

  6. Yeah, it would suck; however, I think even with Rhodes in the lineup, Metcalf and Lockett won't be stopped. The Colts success or lack thereof will be more determined by scheme and the front 7's ability to make Russell have a bad day.
  7. I remember on this forum the year Grover came in, I posted that the quick feet he learned from putting the shot in college might eventually bear fruit. Take all that baby blubber off him and you're left with a big fast MAN. I'm looking for a break out from the Grovenator this year. I've always followed him closely and I really think he's ready, especially with Buck applying the heat that he brings. At least, I think I was right once. LOL. Grove!
  8. C'mon O line! I got a hankerin' for pancakes. We'll leave the meat to the D line.
  9. I think (uh-oh) that Wilson and his outstanding WR 1 & 2 combination will have a big day. That said, the whole left side of their O line is either banged up or rusty. The Colts should be able to put up decent points against this D. The real key reminds me of the Freeney - Mathis days when a couple of late sacks would make the difference. I freely admit that we don't have those guys, but I believe the depth on this D line could achieve the same results. In other words "Run Russell Run"!
  10. This was definitely a nice piece of scouting. It just shows the non-playing team that Chris Ballard has put together. I am looking forward to Strachan's play in the regular season.
  11. The point is quite simple really. The Vikings are having difficulty in the special teams phase as indicated by their performance in preseason week 1. The Colts are trying to take advantage of that with emphasis on special teams this week. Is that not a good idea? I don't see what you don't understand.
  12. The point is quite simple really. The Vikings are having difficulty in the special teams phase as indicated by their performance in preseason week 1. The Colts are trying to take advantage of that with emphasis on special teams this week. Is that not a good idea? I don't see what you don't understand.
  13. I totally agree. You get the impression that his interview responses just describe who the man is. I went to the Vikings sites yesterday and noticed the local press concerns over their last special teams performance. Then the next thing I see is the practice having an emphasis on special teams drills. That is paying attention and good coaching demonstrated.
  14. I just want to say congrats to Jim Irsay. It all starts from the top and Mr. Irsay has brought in a GM and HC that have seemingly put together a group of hard working fine young men. Their get a little better every day mantra is paying dividends. I love that Chris is a dogmatic realist. Is it better for the team is his only concept. I add that he and I seem to often have the same view of what is better for the team. Frank is a man of faith that has faith in his concepts as well. His playing and coaching careers have always been characterized by getting a little better every day. The big bonus is they're all fine members of the community. I'm proud they live in my community.
  15. In matters such as this, it is my belief that Chris Ballard is fully aware of the team situation and needs. Darius is a great player and Chris is a great GM. I have no reservations about the contract. Congrats to both.
  16. Much like Rivers the year before Wentz spent his last year at Philly running for his life. To make matters worse, he had few targets to throw to when he got away. Then many times they dropped the ball. How he could be blamed for a drop in production under these circumstances is hard to fathom. The Philly fans might have screwed to pooch as they say. I look for marked improvement should the Colts prove to be more stable.
  17. I cannot agree more. The Colts organization has put together a talented, hard working group of fine citizens we can support cheerfully. How the constant improvement is not obvious to all is beyond me. On a football note, while not household names, if this group of WRs doesn't have a good year I'm a monkey's uncle.
  18. Old man Rivers had a bad year with San Diego the year before he came to the Colts. The O-line was good enough to keep him upright and gather in an 11-5 season. In the case of Wentz, the mobility he possesses and his relationship with Reich (which Rivers also had) bode well for him in 2021. To stay on topic, Wentz with these advantages should be far ahead of anything Fields might become as a rookie QB. I look for a good year even though the schedule is tough. The team is very young and should progress nicely as the year wears on through 17 games. Also the preseason format the Colts chose should make them fresher through the season. The dark spot is the very late bye week, but who knows at this point.
  19. I believe the deciding factor on the division championship will be how the back end for both teams handles the passing game. The Titans advantage will be some excellent receivers and a good O-line. The Colts advantage will be some good receivers and an excellent O-line. The D-line should favor the Colts getting to Tannehill more frequently than the Titans getting to Wentz. If that pans out, the ultimate deciding factor will rest with the QBs. Normal Tannehill beats bad Wentz. Good Wentz beats normal Tannehill. We won't really know much until Wentz plays a few games, and we can judge his progress or lack thereof. If the Colts go 3-2 or better in the first five, they'll win. If they go 2-3 or worse in the first five, it'll be the Titans. Its almost all guesswork now.
  20. I do not believe that Ertz will improve this team as much as a rejuvenated Carson Wentz. If Ballard and Reich are right about Wentz, he will improve the passing stats on probably everyone but maybe Hines. The present receivers will all benefit from Wentz' prior ability to extend plays and hit on more down the field passes. I'm more concerned about the young D-line pass rushers. If they pan out we'll see if Tannehill can hit all his new toys from his back. Their receivers and tight ends weren't all that bad lasts year.
  21. Everything I say next is based on Carson Wentz having a comeback year. I think he will, but who knows? That said I'll begin: TY Hilton may be on the downside but if Wentz can buy time with his legs, TY can and will get open deep. I see more big plays. Michael Pittman may not be a 4.3 40 guy but his length counts downfield. I believe he will make positive strides this year. Plus, he's been a bit dinged up and now healthy. Paris Campbell has that ridiculous quickness....when healthy. He may far exceed expectations if he does stay healthy. Zach Pascal is a really, really good blue collar guy that plays tough, blocks tough and IS tough. I love his play. The 5th WR will be a product of camp. Patmon with his size, Dulin with his ST play, Strachan with his athleticism will compete. If the tight ends are to be a big factor in the passing game, I believe Granson will need to perfect the seam routes. Jack and MAC are steady performers and very much suited to the offense. It is afterall, June and much will depend on the evil injury bug. The one thing I do see is functional depth in the receivers.
  22. Yeah, I certainly wouldn't bet on this situation now with the number of variables that we have no way of knowing at this point. I would, however, be willing to revisit this subject after the Colts play their first two games. I think Seattle and LA will tell us a lot about what this Colts team can be.
  23. If I were a betting man and I HAD to pick between the Colts and Titans to win the division, I believe that I'd go with the Colts by a narrow margin. The key for me is the depth issue. Injuries are a constant companion in the NFL and I think the Colts can withstand a few more than the Titans. Julio Jones was a tremendous addition to their team but he has been a little brittle of late. Derrick Henry is a beast but has been fortunate thus far. Either one of those guys go down and who is the replacement? They have bet big that Julio will stay healthy. Beyond that my other reason is the defense. I think the Colts have a tremendous advantage in the front seven at both D line and linebacker. If the Colts can get pressure on Tannehill it will go a long way to deciding the head to head matchups. I can't stop this without mentioning that Carson Wentz could also make a huge impact either good or bad. We'll see.
  24. I'm not sure we'll find out what Michael can be this year; however, I'm hopeful a year on the practice squad will yield some very positive results for this young man. He does have measurables that warrant some attention by the coaches. Next year the Colts may produce a real diamond in the rough. We'll see.
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