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  1. Thanks, like the profile pic. lol... Yeah, just trying to build a group out here. Lots of transplants and some (like the Steelers) have a huge following out here and a bar with lots of fans, I'm trying to do the same.
  2. In case your looking...we do exist in Phoenix! Twitter - @PhxColtsClub Facebook - @phxcoltsclub Come out, have a drink, watch some football...no big whoop.
  3. Hey all...put a new Facebook page together for the Fan club here in Phoenix. Link to us at https://www.facebook.com/Phxcoltsclub-1627648224216371/ or if you prefer Twitter @PhxColtsClub Still sorting out a venue for the 2016-2017 season. Last year we were at the Thirsty Lion in Scottsdale, but open to something a little more central for everyone. If you have a good bar you know of that is central Phoenix that is open to showing the Colts games, please let me know.
  4. No I don't know any Colts fans out there, but love to see Blue invasion of the Chargers home turf...hate the Chargers!
  5. I got the luxury of watching Jeff George knock out my high school football AND basketball teams in the same season in the playoffs. When I lived in Indy, I'd run into Jeff at nightclubs some times, even when he played for the Colts and he always enjoyed when I'd tell him that story. He might not have been the best pro-QB for us, but he was always cordial when I approached him. The dog is my "official" team mascot, conveniently named Colt. I like to think he's a fan.
  6. With any luck (no pun intended) you'll have a hard time finding a seat because we're going to build a following out here!
  7. Cool, good minds think alike! We were at that game as well, had 2nd row end zone seats, sure wish the Colts had shown up that day. That game is what gave me the idea to pursue this, so many fans in Blue that day. See you on the 22nd.
  8. Hey Colts fans in Phoenix, we will be out trying to sign people up for the Phoenix Colts Club on Nov 22 at the Thirsty Lion in Scottsdale. Come on out and cheer with other Colts fans. We will be giving away some swag at the bar that was donated by the team for those that sign up . Good food, make friends with Colts fans, and great football....what else do you need!
  9. Thank you! I know any Colt fan living out of town would do the same. It's pretty awesome walking into the The Thirsty Lion out here and seeing a big sign saying "Welcome Colts Fans" and know your 1700 miles away from home!
  10. I totally envy the lucky ones such as yourself who get the luxury of seeing the Colts at home. Not been fortunate enough to make it to Lucas....when I was in Indy there was still the Dome! I guess on the flip side I have a much better winter! Thanks for the support, if you make it back out this way, come out and join us for some "home cooking"
  11. Some new links for the newly formed Phoenix Colts Club.... www.facebook.com/phoenixcoltsclub twitter: @PhxColtsClub Trying to build the Colts Army in Phoenix!
  12. Hey Tbonus22, thanks for the response! Trying to get something going at the The Thirsty Lion for an "official Colts" bar and got the team to recognize the AZ chapter of the fan club to use this location...so we hope to see you there in your colors cheering with us!
  13. No comparison of this weeks game against the Pats, but I will say in all my years as a Colts fan (going back to 84), this was the single most devastating loss in Colts history (Indianapolis). It was a comedy of errors and a game we should have won with probably the most talented club Indy has ever fielded. I mean what are the chances Bettis fumbles at the goal line and the guy who gets the ball (Nick Harper) had to be the guy who gets stabbed by his wife the night before in a domestic dispute and gets tackled by the QB!?!?! Then top it off with the most accurate kicker in football history kick
  14. A realist is a guy who walks into a casino in Vegas and says "I'm willing to be the house on the Colts beating the Pats"...are you that guy? Sorry I'm not that guy. I've walked into more stadiums wearing Colts gear than Lucas or the Dome...so I show my colors living away from Indy, I think that would constitute a fan...just not blinding saying the Colts are going to win this game based on "fandom". We're a mess right now, and the Pats are playing excellent ball. We couldn't beat them in the last several meetings with a team that was in better shape than this team. What makes you think we'll be
  15. I will look for UFO's, dogs & cat's shacking up together, peanut butter & jelly calling it "quits" and that they just stayed together for the "kids", I will look for military contractors to finish their projects weeks ahead of schedule & budget, that someone will break 230 MPH at the Indy500, the Donald Trump will switch to democrat, and that congress actually gets something done. Hillary finds her e-mails, the Coyote actually catches the Road Runner, Tweety gets eaten by Sylvester, etc, etc, etc. In other words I'm full prepared to for the Colts to take their beating on Sunday,
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