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  1. I'm a UGA fan. And I don't think Fromm is starter material in the NFL. He's a backup at best.
  2. I'm shaking my head as I read some of these keyboard tough guys. "Andrew's soft! He can't play through the pain." You guys need to get over yourselves. Depression is real. It is debilitating and it often leads to worse things. Not only is depression a real illness, the physical injury is not a phantom injury. Just because we haven't been supplied with detailed medical records it is no less real. There is something about Luck's body that does not heal as quickly as some other people. So, 4 years of continuous injury and rehab? Pretty hard. Takes a great deal of mental tough
  3. I hear you. That's why I singled out the fans that booed, not the whole fan base.
  4. No. The fans in that stadium who booed are putrid fans. They don't deserve a good team. Pathetic.
  5. I respect him and I don't blame him. Listening to the presser now. He needed to break the cycle. Sucks for the team, though. You can't replace a talent like Luck.
  6. I really like this about Ballard. Fans don't appreciate that most GMs aren't as forthright and don't pull back the curtain like he does.
  7. More realistically, I think the roster is 2 years away from playoff/division contention. AND I'm unsure if he has a strong enough partner in Frank Reich. It helps a GM tremendously to have a coach with a strong vision of the kinds of players he's looking for to build a team.
  8. The Jags just cut Brandon Wilds, who looked good in preseason.
  9. I was listening to First Things First this morning and they alluded to the fact that Gronk has not spent any of his actual football money. Evidently he lives of the endorsements, shoe deal, or whatever.
  10. I don't know if I agree with that. It could happen. But I wouldn't say the Titans are significantly better. Should at least split with them. And If Luck is back to 85% or more of himself, it's not out of the question to steal games from the Pokes or Jags. Even with a thin roster, 8-8 is a good goal.
  11. Thanks for posting this! What a great "pull back the curtain" moment. Ballard is solid. This team will get there. Give him 2 more off-seasons and it's going to be a lot different around here.
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