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  1. I'm shaking my head as I read some of these keyboard tough guys. "Andrew's soft! He can't play through the pain." You guys need to get over yourselves. Depression is real. It is debilitating and it often leads to worse things. Not only is depression a real illness, the physical injury is not a phantom injury. Just because we haven't been supplied with detailed medical records it is no less real. There is something about Luck's body that does not heal as quickly as some other people. So, 4 years of continuous injury and rehab? Pretty hard. Takes a great deal of mental toughness to come back and play like he did last year. The man isn't soft.
  2. I hear you. That's why I singled out the fans that booed, not the whole fan base.
  3. No. The fans in that stadium who booed are putrid fans. They don't deserve a good team. Pathetic.
  4. I respect him and I don't blame him. Listening to the presser now. He needed to break the cycle. Sucks for the team, though. You can't replace a talent like Luck.
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