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  1. Could they offer up one of the young receivers as trade bait? The O-line needs to be better to go all the way. And that's the plan right?
  2. I thought this was a thread about Toler. It somehow became a Fleener debate. I wish Fleener would catch everything to him too, but that never has been done over the course of an entire year for a starting TE/WR. Now before the statistic junkies jump all over that statement, let's just agree that mistakes happen and avoiding the "big" mistakes (easy drops) will lead to more wins, first downs and hopefully Super Bowls. As for Toler, he is so fast he can stick to guys like glue. Unfortunately for him the QB/WR combos in this league can still complete passes if you don't look back for the ba
  3. How is an offensive player who doesn't like to be hit, going to play defense? If he doesn't pick off the throw he certainly won't be an aggressive tackler. Harvin is a pretender NFL football player. He will be out of the league soon. Too wimpy for football.
  4. Well we probably have the heaviest GM, and the lightest Coach.
  5. The fact that a former teammate in Herremans hasn't lobbied for him says a lot IMO. Must be a bad apple.
  6. Didn't Edgerrin start that routine? Could be a Gator thing. If I had to predict someone with wit and creativity that might honor Reggie, I'd say PMac
  7. How can you claim to be a Colts fan if this video doesn't excite you? Sure he isn't fully recovered, but he is certainly making progress. That's exciting to this Colts fan!
  8. Point taken. I should have been more specific and said "in the big playoff games". The reason I typed this "what if" comment was because I remembered during the Colt's Super Bowl win that Peyton used Addai a lot better than he ever did Edgerrin in all those painful playoff losses. I suppose I should also clarify that by "effectively", I mean being more unpredictable and forcing the D to play things more honestly.
  9. What if Peyton would have learned to effectively use his RBs to dump the ball to or use for screen plays. IMO for a guy as smart as Peyton, he has never been comfortable or effective at checking down to a relatively uncovered running back. Just seems the teams that have won multiple Super Bowls had QBs who knew when to gamble and try to force something or knew when to just check down and let the RB make some positive yards. IMHO the Colts would have won at least a couple more Super Bowls.
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