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I started watching sports in the mid to late 70's as a young kid. Been a Colts fan since 1984 when they moved to Indianapolis, been a Pacers fan since the late 70's, and been a Cubs fan since 1984 as well when I first started watching them on WGN. Those are my 3 favorite teams in each sport. Championships in my lifetime as a diehard fan of these teams I have been able to celebrate are the 2006 Colts SB win and the 2016 Cubs World Series win. My favorite Pacers moment was when the Pacers beat the Knicks 4-2 in the ECFinals to advance to the NBA Finals in 2000, won Game 6 at NY. The 2000 Pacers won the Eastern Conference Championship. My favorite all-time players in sports have been (Colts Football players wise in order - 1. Peyton Manning, 2. Marvin Harrison, 3. Reggie Wayne, 4. Bob Sanders, 5. Dwight Freeney, 6. Robert Mathis, 7. Andrew Luck, 8. Eric Dickerson, 9. Jim Harbaugh, 10. Adam Vinatieri). (Pacers Basketball players wise - 1. Reggie Miller, 2. Paul George, 3. Clark Kellogg, 4. Victor Oladipo, 5. George McGinnis). (Cubs Baseball players wise - 1. Kris Bryant, 2. Ryne Sandberg, 3. Jake Arrieta, 4. Andre Dawson, 5. Anthony Rizzo). Also outside of my fanbase I admired Magic Johnson and Larry Bird for how they changed Basketball in the 80's. I was also a fan of Dwight Gooden who played for the Mets and was a World Series Champion in 1986. Loved the way he pitched!

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