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  1. Best play of the day... touchback on a kickoff. We actually start at the 20!!
  2. Incredible catch. That has to be overturned for a TD. Even if it is for the Falcons.
  3. Defense finally stepped up on the second 3rd and long of the Falcons. They need to, If we're to stay in this. D has to win the 3rd and long battle all dya.
  4. The play of this team is disgusting. They can't even go 3 and out after a kickoff. fumbles last 2 weeks in a row putting us in a hole. I just want one series of good football, and Colts can't deliver. I'm going up to play some Xbox soon, I guess.
  5. You decline the option, but hopefully you renegotiated a new deal that is incentive heavy and keep him on the roster.
  6. Right now, I still have gut saying he can make it back. OTOH, I reserve the right to change my mind after Dec. 1.
  7. Jim's fine. I'd rather focus where negative attention to where it is really needed.
  8. My only beef with Polian is that he built Indy to be too dependent on one guy, and no plan B for that one guy not being able to go on game day. But with a potential GOAT, it was hard to do otherwise. I knew (in my heart) over the past few years (after 2005 and notably after the loss of Sorgi) that we were no better than a 3 win team without Peyton. Now, if we are fortunate, I may be proven correct. Then again, i know of nobody that could just step in and fill Peyton's shoes (though I had confidence Sorgi was an 8-8 guy with the number one's for some reason) and having a second playbook for
  9. I believe they really don't know what cards they will be dealt. But they do want them on the table ASAP to decide where to go as early as possible. They have a complete franchise to watch over. Peyton was a huge part it until his surgeries, and he could still be. But it is not a certainty he will fully recover, it is a hope. Likewise, it is also not a certainty Luck will be an Elite quarterback in the league. It too is a hope. Which way will the wind blow next spring?
  10. In a season where there has been precious few bits of good, I'll take it.
  11. Tm Cmp Att Yds TD Int Lng Att Yds TD Lng Rec Yds TD Lng Curtis Painter IND 13 30 281 2 0 87 Tm Cmp Att Yds TD Int Lng Att Yds TD Lng Rec Yds TD Lng
  12. This is somewhat simplistic, since I also know the importance in coverage the Mike is in a Tampa 2, and the DE to the pass rush, as well as a cover corner. And it takes all on defense to make a team D a winning D. However, I really take a look at 3 guys first, then those other 3 above- The Undertackle, then the Will, and finally Free Safety. Interestingly enough, Booger McFarland was the NT in both of these D's. Here's the D from their respective SuperBowl winning teams through my first look lens: Tampa- UT- W. Sapp, Will- D. Brooks, FS- John Lynch. Wow! then DE- S. Rice, (Wow!) Mike- S. Q
  13. I just heard on Mike & Mike that There's an out clause for the Colts in Manning's contract. If the Colts cut Peyton by Feb 5, of 2012 then they would only be on the hook for around 26 mil. After that date there is another 28 mil option they will have to cover. OTOH, nobody is really expecting any of this to matter at this point, but we'll all know more by January 2012.
  14. Wow! The only thing I can think of to top that is for the Colts and/or Indy to acquire 5 or 6 of those Federal Signal Thunderbolt 1000T's, refurbish them and strategically place them around the stadium. 5 minutes before kickoff, let those puppies sing!!
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