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  1. Moore leaped high in the end zone, snagged the pass with his one (right) hand and brought it in while coming down with just that one hand. Wow.
  2. Brief grip won't get a call on a runner, has to be a real grab.
  3. An NFL runner or receiver after a catch – may use an open hand to ward off a defender trying to make a tackle. ... He may not grab or twist the face mask of the defender, but he may use the open hand against the helmet or face mask.
  4. Venturi says Gruden is sending 3 down the seam, and they're only covered by two...
  5. No, it was a one year trial. Owners/NFL did not renew PI challenges for 2020 and beyond.
  6. Grudens playbook is bigger than an old Encyclopedia Brittanica set
  7. Earlier in 2019, there was a few. Latter half of the year, almost none (exceptionally blatant misses only, and is rare). New plain the playbook... 3rd and Jacoby...
  8. No, it was a one year experiment in answer to the famous missed P.I. call. I feel the NFL abandoned the idea past the halfway point last year as well, with no intention of altering or renewing it for 2020.
  9. Agreed, maybe 1 or 2 if it is mild. I already mentioned there would be no surgery (as they said 'no worst case scenario'). IMHO, there is almost no chance he goes Sunday though, as Keefer mentions. However, if he doesn't go on IR, maybe they think he might be able to go the next game after this Sunday if all goes well. We will see.
  10. In the immortal words of Josh Sitton, switching from one side to the other is “like wiping your bum with the other hand.” Does Nelson possess the foot quickness to play tackle? He might have the movement and likely the hand skills, but I wonder if he can control a speed rusher on the outside, or one with great bend, etc...
  11. Dee Nice? Uhhh, do you mean Denise? *bleep*
  12. Exactly. Geoff Schwartz adressed a similar question a year or two ago- "What is the most difficult position switch for an offensive lineman to make on the O-line that the majority of people think is easy? (ex: OT to OG or LT to RT etc) I get asked this question more than any other. The majority of people believe switching positions is easy because they’ve never done it before. Moving from side to side is easy for some, but most often, it takes a while to adjust. In the immortal words of Josh Sitton, switching from one side to the other is “like wiping your *rear* with t
  13. Everyone is jumping to conclusions. Wait for the MRI results. That will tell whether he needs to go on IR (I highly doubt he needs surgery on it though) or just a week or two rest and rehab. I really doubt he plays next Sunday, in any event. Hmmm... Nevertheless, the Colts need to take care of their own business, short handed or not.
  14. Hmm, worst case scenario to me would be surgery and on IR the rest of the year. So, maybe they feel he might only miss a week or two? I think it prudent to wait on the MRI results and really hope he can stay off 3 week IR. If there is one, I'd wager they'll be protected from being pilfered. Do you think he would be one of the 4 guys the Eagles would protect from being signed off their practice squad? Indeed. His status this week will be telling even if the Colts aren't as candid. Maybe, but it's hard for
  15. If the damage is bad, he may retire before next season. Not being able to stretch the field (especially with TY) has been the biggest disappointment to me. They already did about 2018, because they had to 'fix' what they say was statistically the most dangerous play in the NFL game. So they essentially removed the success of one from the game by rule. They won't change it back.
  16. Willis out with a back and quad issue. Wilkins and Walker really banged up as well.
  17. Called it. Just waitnig for MRI tests for extent of damage.
  18. Every first down given up is another 3 minutes off the clock...
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