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  1. They are the best. I just posted this in make me smile. Bucky in March, Bucky in November, same bed!
  2. We'll be there if or as long as there is food! Or tennis balls... OK, golf balls are fine also.
  3. "At first, when Peyton Manning woke up from the anesthesia, he was relieved: The pain in the neck that he had lived with for years was gone. As he came to, he stirred in the hospital bed, took stock of his misery-free condition, and started to push himself upright. Then it happened — his right arm buckled beneath him. Surprised, he struggled again to sit up, and at that moment, he understood his career was in jeopardy." "The procedure was supposed to fix it, but now when he pushed himself up in bed, his right triceps was unable to bear his weight. Trying to contain his alarm, the m
  4. highlights here- https://www.espn.com/nfl/game?gameId=401220186
  5. I think the margin of victory in 13 out of the last 15 games between Colts and Texans has been a TD or less. Division games are tough, even those dominating Pats teams might agree (ask them about the Dolphins). There's also match ups, scouting reports, and the league's competitive balance.
  6. Here's an article on how Mitchell Trubisky and Carson Wentz are essentially the same type of QB ( and both replaced by Nick Foles too) https://vendettasportsmedia.com/carson-wentz-same-qb-mitchell-trubisky/
  7. Yup, that was the second foot out the door, and then slammed it. Yup, that was when the Raiders pushed his first foot out the door. But since they 'won' (wink wink) they let him keep the other inside for a time.
  8. I heard it at halftime of Steelers / Bills game too on NBC.
  9. Use them up and wait for the next allotment... :) And now you wait again... :D
  10. Got to ration them... ;) even though people want to toss them out like Halloween candy when the Colts are having a good day.
  11. When I saw Watson down, he was holding his wrist/hand area and flexing his fingers. So the elbow shot possibly got his ulnar nerve, and that caused tingling down his forearm to the hand, IMO. I'm not sure if the groin was also involved. Possible, but it would be a bad additional 'shot' there. Here's the play- {you need to watch it on YouTube's channel} Where I thought helmet to elbow on the throw was-
  12. I saw it too, on the RedZone channel. I think he suffered a contusion of his elbow, possibly hit by a helmet on a follow through on a pass. Possibly no biggie. We'll see.
  13. That was 1st TD vs Colts 2nd half defense in 5 games. * in 'garbage time' though... against what Venturi calls the 'Vitalis squad' lol
  14. Have the Colts also scored on- Punt return for a TD Kickoff return for a TD Blocked punt for a TD Yes?
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