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  1. Hi, you seem to be knowledgeable  about all the NFL rules. Where can I find information on whether injured players (on IR, on PUP, etc) can be traded? Most say they cannot be traded. But is that accurate? Yes, many will ask "why would anyone trade for an injured player"? Lol. I would trade for an injured elite player (Watt, Luck, Julio Jones, L. Bell etc.). 


    I wish we had a Q/A section where these types of questions can be addressed. Since we don't, I decided to ask you in a Status Update. :) Thanks.

    1. ColtsBlueFL


      I'm still cleaning upi after hurrican Irma here, so don't spend much time in research these days.  So I can't give you a link until I have time later.  but in the meantime, think of these things.  Injured players must be paid. period.  If you want to waive them, there must first be an injury settlement. IOW, they must be paid for the amount of time it would take them to be fully rehabbed.


      Money (especially elite players) - not only is their contracts high, so is guaranteed money.  That money is paid to the player up front at signing (unless a contractual alteration is agreed to). So the team 'Cap Hit' is spread out and manageable.  The owners 'Cash Hit' , however, is immediate and much larger.  A team cannot recoup any of that cash, and I'm pretty sure the cap hit stays with the team as dead money, since it is on their books as already paid.  Superman would be better to consult on these items. So any team would absolutely want to trade for injured elite players, but it appears there is no incentive for a team to trade that commodity away, considering the enormous resources already put into them that cannot be recouped.  So whether their is a rule about trading a n injured players rights or not, looking at some of the details of the deal seem to prevent it from ever happening.


      Oh, and there is a trade deadline too, I think it is Halloween this year.  Try Superman, I'll be the could explain more and better. :)


      Back to cleanup and helping out the neighborhood however I can.

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  2. wish I could of watched the 1st qtr because it seems we were in it for a while, but was forced to watch Cowboys/Browns over time, blah.

    1. ColtsBlueFL


      NFL Sunday Ticket allowed me to watch Colts game beginning, even though it was (supposed) to be on a local channel, probably just because of the OT.

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