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  1. I'v read that it's just symbolism and the money is going to a charity for children. You really don't wish to take their money do you? :-)
  2. I'm saying teams did what they wanted with balls. So,sometimes refs gauged them sometimes they didn't and they almost never recorded anything. The whole thing is bull and the league has only itself to blame. I hate to say it but the only reason this is an issue...god this is tough "is because it was the Patriots".
  3. I'm not buying my fellow fans "Integrity" chant. I'd like the Colts to beat the Pats as much as the next guy but I'm not out to persecute the Patriots because of a little known and historically ignored rule. Even when warned about the infraction the league and officials had no protocol for measuring and securing the balls that had so much to do with the leagues 'Integrity". Then they let the Patriots play the first half with balls they knew were most likely compromised...where's the "Integrity" in that? They must not have thought too much of it? Wells takes 108 days and bills the league millio
  4. I've never heard of Peyton saying that? Part of my problem with condemning Brady is nothing adds up and we are now relying on quotes from people like Merriman and trusting lawyers? Something about Wells stinks big time. Wells integrity is questioned daily...why was it so upsetting for him this time? He's a freaking lawyer for Christ sake. This is just the beginning IMO. By the time this shakes out some deep dark secrets will have been unearthed. Fascinating to say the least.
  5. It does... I find it interesting after reading many your post that integrity is high on your list. Maybe it's one of those lost in text type on things that I'm misinterpreting?
  6. I'm pretty certain from his history that he'll make one statement about it and then it's "On to Cincinnati". From what I understand he was completely cleared of any involvement.
  7. It's seems he handled this about as poorly as possible. He supposedly intelligent. He's a mystery for sure.
  8. I'm just not into kicking a person or the Pats when they're down. Your post raises even more questions for me. I'm giving up on trying to even understand this. I'm going back to basics and just going to trust what my eyes tell me when I'm watching the game. I just see this getting uglier from all angles over time. Crazy...over some air.
  9. It seems to this point that very little attention was paid to it was my thought. Not that rules weren't in place. i haven't read the report but have heard even the Colts balls measured under 12.5 in the AFCCC game?
  10. That's been my question as well. The league and the refs have responsibility in this as well. Up until this coming season there has been no procedure in place. In fact there wasn't even protocol in the Colts/Pats game. The series of blunders were beyond ridiculous. This whole thing stinks.
  11. This is how things look to be shaping up. Brady and his lawyers are going to file a case against the NFL. They won't get things done prior to the start of the season and Brady very well might be on the field against the Steelers as the suspension will be most likely be put on hold as the case trudges though the legal system. I'm thinking Brady's legal team is pretty confident in their case to even bother and that's why we never heard boo from Brady. He's got aces in his pocket so to speak. This is going to get uglier for Roger and his NFL. This has been handled very, very poorly.
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