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  1. All this talk good, or bad about our O-Line is great and all, but heres the thing we all have to realize.. We will not get better until we upgrade pieces on the line! Something that seems unlikely given how Grigson "GM's" things around here.
  2. Although I don't know whether he will play or not come Thursday, I completely agree with everything you said. What I think a lot of us "fans" are forgetting is that the team is playing at a very mediocre level right now, we could very easily be sitting at 0-4 this morning instead of what many predicted would be a 4-0 start. Just a quick reminder to everyone we were picked by dozens and dozens of analysts to go to the Super Bowl, we look as far away as ever from that right now. We have a lot of things to get fixed and Luck's health is just another thing to add to the ever-growing list.
  3. I want to know Colts Fan's thoughts on Grigson, I cannot make up my mind. One thing I know for sure is that if this years draft class doesn't pan out I will be hoping for his firing.
  4. I wonder who will be the group of RB's that will make the final roster. Very deep group with Frank Gore, Daniel Herron, Zurlon Tipton, Vick Ballard and now of course Josh Robinson.
  5. Without a doubt Vontae Davis will be higher than 91-100.
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