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  1. Goodbye to Scott Weiland. RIP.

  2. March Madness is the best thing ever.

  3. 11 wins in a row now for the Celtics. No Horford, no Kyrie and no Hayward? No problem.

    Who is the best coach in the NBA now?



  4. Your avatar is awesome lol.

  5. Celtics win 13th straight. :clover: Dedicated to Kyrie Irving's new clear face mask.

    Good news? 13 straight is a tough thing to do obviously.

    Bad news? Horribly weird game against the Nets who played their butts off and the Golden State Warriors go to Boston on Thursday lol. 


    You can just hope for the best from now on. :) It's been a fun ride to watch.


  6. I am late to the party with the new Star Wars. But, I did see it last night and I liked it an awful lot for pure entertainment purposes. I am rusty, so I might have to start watching some old Star Wars again to catch back up on it all.

  7. Still going to try to think positive. Forget this weeks game happened. Next week is a new time.....

  8. Get better soon Andrew. Get healthy.

  9. Talk to everyone next week!!! Going to Boston tomorrow night for a long weekend with my fiance for Pacers/Celtics and Cavs/Celtics. Good times!!!!! Two terrific games on the same weekend is a classic we can't pass up.

  10. Been watching this game a bit so far. I am not so sure about the Saints......lol


    I hope they win and all but this is going to be a long tough game.

  11. Our fearless leaders of game 1.


    THESE are what Big Ballers look like LaVar Bell.




    7 more games to go.

  12. My song right now to sum up the Colts 2015 season:



  13. I love conference title games. Maybe my favorite games of the year. Patriots, Ravens, 49ers and Falcons......entertain me and may the odds be ever in your favor!

  14. Keeping the dream alive! :)

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