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  1. 18 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Yeah we rolled in 2016 up until the WS. The Indians had me sweating though when they went up 3-1. Once the Cubs got it to 3-3, I felt great about Game 7 though. Cubs just had the better team and in a 1 game situation the better team wins 9 out of 10 times. When the better team loses the other team has to play perfect in a 1 game situation and get all the big breaks. It doesn't even appear that Boston fans even have to sweat at all with this one LOL. This may be a sweep?


    Oops nevermind, I had forgotten the Cubs had to come back from 3-1 to win it. It was sort of a reverse to me at the time with the Cavs getting the 3-1 comeback vs. the Warriors and the Indians blowing the 3-1 lead. Kinda odd.


    Yeah that was a crazy World Series with Cubs/Indians. I had honestly forgotten. I remember some sort of rain delay in game 7 and everything. And I remember the Cubs being a good pitching team but not as good with scoring?


    No I don't think Sox fans really feel the heat on this one right now since the Yankees/Astros were more intense.


    IMO the Sox took off when they got that 16-1 win over NY.....

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  2. 2 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Yeah they do. They just Hit really well, whether it be just Singles or the HR. They make really good contact as a whole team. I have to admit this is over, I would be stunned if Boston blew a 2-0 lead. 


    Maybe they slip up in LA a bit? (it's a long trip)


    But I don't feel this Dodgers team is in the same realm as the Red Sox at all. I doubt they can win at Fenway.


    I think in baseball at times it's just often someone's year.......and it's often blatant when it happens lol. Red Sox had that win craziness all season and it just feels like it's their time but that doesn't mean they repeat at all.


    I am sure when the Cubs did it you felt it coming in a way too.

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  3. 1 hour ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I have to admit I haven't seen an Offense all decade long like these Red Sox have. I think the 2016 Cubs had better Pitching with Lester, Jake, and Hendricks + Chapman but the Red Sox Offense seems to score when they want and need too. It's almost comical. 


    I am no baseball expert lol, but it seems the Red Sox find ways to score no matter what even if it looks ugly for a while.


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  4. It was over before it started, not to sound snobby. No matter what happens in LA I can't see the Red Sox blowing this.


    I went to Fenway last night with my husband for game 1. We almost froze to death  but I never seen a team I felt this destined to win it all in a long time.


    Fenway is great btw but man SOOOOO old lmao. And the fans, whoa........they go nuts.


    That was my first time there.



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  5. 17 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    @Jules congrats on the Red Sox winning the AL Pennant. They beat a great team in the Astros. This Red Sox team looks every bit as great as the Cubs looked in 2016. It's their WS to lose IMO with HFA.


    Thanks. This has been pretty exciting. My other half is just on cloud nine and thinks I am bringing good luck since we got married in May. lmao 


    Honestly kinda amazing too, never thought I would be a baseball fan but this was fascinating. Sox lost game 1 and then ripped off FOUR in a row vs. a great Astros team including even Price getting a win. 


    I said after the Yankees series I got the tingles. And after game 4.......can't tell me this isn't a sign it's your year.



    Just amazing.


    But really this Red Sox team had it all season. IMO they deserve it.


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  6. @2006Coltsbestever

    Husband agrees with you, he thinks the Lakers can be A LOT better then I think. So I am being outnumbered here. Lakers might be good. That was actually our conversation this morning too during breakfast, Lakers analysis...... lmao 


    The thing is with Boston fans they hate the Lakers as much as they hate the Yankees. Okay maybe not as much, Yankees top everything. But Celtics/Lakers is a historical rivalry too.



    Oh and yeah Jimmy Butler went ape butt nuts at practice yesterday. Y'all don't want him.

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  7. 1 minute ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I am pretty high on the Lakers. Kuzma and Ingram both look legit now. LeBron is still LeBron. To me they could definitely get the 3rd Seed. Jazz and Thunder are Good but aren't anything special. The Raptors to me are a huge question mark, nobody knows how good Leonard will be? Yeah I think in the end the Warriors will get 1 more. After that we may start seeing the Celtics/Lakers again in the Finals if the Lakers land 1 more SuperStar next summer in Free Agency. Pacers will be good but not sure how far they will go?


    I wish I was as high on you with the Lakers. lmao I just sometimes scratch my head Lebron went there unless it was for better weather and to make the family happy. It's a strange strange group there. I admit Ingram and Kuzma are good though.


    My feelings on the Warriors is this and I will talk about it with you later in June if it happens.


    IF we do get Warriors/Celtics.....and if the series goes 6/7. I am taking Boston to steal it. And then Durant I could even see joining up with Lebron since those two are close. I swear, I got this strange vision in my head of Durant on the Lakers that I keep thinking about. I literally can't get it out of my head that Kevin Durant is headed to the Lakers next year.


    Raptors scare me but who the hell is their new coach anyway. Nick Nurse? Okay.......



    I got to get to bed but I leave you all with this if you miss Lance. lmao 



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  8. 1 hour ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Basketball season is upon us so here is what I think will happen in the 2019 Season. 

    -My Top 4 Seeds in the Eastern Conference will be:

    1. Celtics (my projected record = 60-22)


    2. Raptors (my projected record = 56-26), if Leonard stays healthy they will probably finish 2nd in the Conference. If he doesn't then they are screwed.


    3. Sixers (my projected record = 54-28)


    4. Pacers (my projected record = 51-31), I see us finishing 4th and winning 1 Playoff series but if Leonard can't stay healthy we may finish 3rd and stay out of the Celtics bracket. That would wreck the Raptors season. If that happens we could make the ECFinals. Sixers are young and could choke in the Playoffs.

    -I have the Celtics winning the Eastern Conference


    -My Top 4 Seeds in the Western Conference will be:

    1. Warriors (my projected record = 61-21)


    2. Rockets (my projected record = 58-24)


    3. Lakers (my projected record = 52-30)


    4. Jazz (my projected record = 51-31)


    4T with the Jazz. Thunder (my projected record = 51-31)

    -I have the Warriors winning the Western Conference


    -I have the Warriors 3-Peating and winning the World Championship over the Celtics in 7 games (4-3)


    My Top 5 players of all-time still remain:

    1. Michael Jordan

    2. Magic Johnson

    3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    4. LeBron is now 4th on my list after last season

    5. Wilt Chamberlain


    DAMN, you got those Lakers doing better then I thought. I am truly not that high on that team around Lebron right now, but I think Lebron will as usual make them all better and go on a big MVP run. I just got to see more of the Lakers with Lebron to believe it? I can't doubt Lebron though.


    Pacers might be able to move up in standings but it's tough to say? The east is so confusing!!!!! It's going to be a blast though with Lebron finally gone. lmao I think it will be a tough postseason, more teams will believe now.


    I will say this about Boston, Brad Stevens has literally lit up the Celtics in the last few weeks due to lousy showings in preseason and telling them they aren't as good as they think they are. And Marcus Smart and JR Smith almost killed each other in preseason. Most of this was not directed at Irving since he rested the final two preseason games and Hayward didn't play the last one either.


    I am going to Celtics/Sixers next week and I am still nervous over Gordon Hayward. He still is not completely there yet. He admits his mind is not there yet, so much to get comfortable with. He has not found his shot yet.


    Gordon is going to make me nervous for a while I think.......


    Kyrie though, Kyrie looks AMAZING.:mindblow: I mean that infection he had in his knee must have been serious since he even looks healthier in his face. He's got the mini fro going on now and committed long term to the Celtics recently in public, so he seems to be more mature this year and happier. I am expecting a big big year from Irving, just worried about Gordon...but it might take longer there. I am also worried about a sophomore slump for Jayson Tatum.



    Believe it or not, my husband has a Celtics friend who has the Pacers finishing second in the east.


    Raptors though will be fascinating since Kawhi Leonard if he gives a crap and tries hard is an absolute beast. Problem is, I still can't always trust Toronto. But I won't be suprised if the Celtics lose in Toronto next week in game 2. I think Boston wins over Philly. 

    Kawhi Leonard though, he could be a potential problem....we'll see. Weird weird dude though.


    Philly remains to be seen too since Ben Simmons still can't shoot well. Will be interesting if Boston uses the same game postseason plan vs. them and tosses Baynes on Embiid and Smart on Simmons.



    As for the Warriors, they are golden as usual and perfect. But will FA distractions hit them? Durant has not committed.....I think Klay said he wants to stay.


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  9. 11 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I bet in the 9th Inning he was going nuts haha , I have been there before lmao . Nice win, congrats. By the way I posted on the Basketball Thread and gave my predictions. I have Boston going to the Finals.


    Astros are going to be brutal though, this series feels almost like the real World Series to me. I will go look at your NBA picks.

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  10. 1 hour ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Yeah right now Yankees fans have that unsettling feeling in their stomach that their season is about over. :funny:


    Thank God, anything after this is gravy now. For the sanity of my husband this had to happen. Now he can sleep better for the rest of the week. The Red Sox/Yankees rivarly is HUGE. Like enormous. This HAD to happen.


    I am starting to get positive tingles concerning the Red Sox though.....

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  11. 7 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Jules, I see why your husband worries because in Baseball a lot of times the team with the best record doesn't win it all. You need a lot of breaks to win a WS. 


    Yep that and the Red Sox also have a pretty good history of plenty of gag jobs.


    Maybe this year is different though? Time will tell and soon!


    I can safely say for most Red Sox fans the #1 goal is not to lose to the Yankees. 

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  12. 18 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Red Sox are fine, they have by far the best record in the league. My Cubs are on fire right now in the NL, I think the Cubs can win their 2nd WS in 3 years if they keep playing the way they have. Red Sox, Astros, and Yankees are all loaded with talent in the AL though. A's are even Very Good.


    Yeah the Red Sox are still in it and all. It's a slump. But history isn't kind. lmao So.....


    Good luck to the Cubs. I really am not hard into baseball but I just want everyone to be happy. Men and baseball can be crazy. lmao 

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  13. 52 minutes ago, Chrisaaron1023 said:

    Aye you're back. Congratulations on everything! lol


    But no, not weird. Falcons came the closest to beating the Champs last year..Just a few bad breaks last season. I have a gut feeling they will come back stronger this season.


    Thanks! :kitty:


    SB is in Atlanta, so maybe thats why I am thinking Atlanta? But seriously, I have zero feelings on anyone in the league but when I think "NFL" I keep thinking Falcons. lmao It's odd.


    Falcons should have beat the Pats a few years ago. It seems every postseason Matt Ryan gets the worst luck. Will he ever get "the year"? Like the breaks finally go his way? Not even about MVP necessarily, but the playoffs.....


    Vikings are the popular pick though and Rodgers always is. I usually pick Green Bay but sometimes I just flat out want to give up on them.


    And no I am not feeling the Patriots, 41 year old QB give me a break.......

  14. 6 hours ago, Chrisaaron1023 said:

    Sadly, didn't Mr. Brady already break it? 


    I will say. Matt Ryan. I think Falcons bounce back this year, starting week 1 with a big win against the champs.


    I have a funny feeling on the Falcons too and I don't know why. I have not researched anything with football this summer or anything, but when I think about the NFL lately the team name that keeps popping up in my gut/mind is "Falcons". Weird, I know........:loco:

  15. 28 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I was real upset last night but more over it now. Still bothers me the way we lost but as I get older I get over losses quicker than I used too. Ever since the Cubs won the WS, I just think of that when I get upset when the Colts or Pacers lose. Cubs got real lucky to beat Cleveland, it took 7 games and 10 Innings to do so. So I just take the good with the bad 99% of the time anymore. I have a feeling FWIW, Cavs will beat Toronto as well because LeBron is their daddy. I think Philly will win the East though.


    No idea on Toronto yet, they got a good home court though. Hell last night the Bruins (with home ice) beat the Toronto Maple Leafs in game 7 in Boston. But the Bruins (the second seed) struggled badly in Toronto all series long. Same with the Celtics, they always struggle to win IN Toronto and I think the Pacers do too. But in Boston and Indy they have a shot to beat the Raptors or do.


    Home court is really going to be what the Raptors have to hang their hats on this postseason. Kind of like the 2008 Celtics who sucked on the road but won all the home games.


    If Lebron does advance and plays Toronto, they call Lebron in Toronto "LeFather."


    The thing with Philly is the youth factor, this is the first real postseason for Embiid/Simmons. I think those guys are studs though lol.


    Celtics were 3-1 vs. Philly this season with Kyrie Irving. With Terry Rozier starting that one loss.

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  16. 1 minute ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Oh yeah, doesn't matter who it is against. It could've been against anyone. The way Philly is playing I doubt we would've best them anyway. I have said all along C's in 7. There is something missing with the Bucks.


    If you take the Cavs to 7 do you really want to btw? I almost hope the series just ends to end the agony.


    With the C's. I know they can't beat Philly, which is why sometimes if they blow this it don't bug me either.


    I got no doubt if the Bucks don't get stupid they still have a shot. But with Giannis as great as he is, he has not been able to take over the series a la Lebron even though he is labeled as a young Lebron style of player at times. Stevens has done a good job rotating defensive looks at Giannis.


    Problem is, the Celtics don't have a star offensive player that can take over a series right now, Jaylen Brown has been the closest.

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  17. 2 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Per ESPN: REFS admit they blew call on LeBron's GoalTend non-call on Oladipo. A little late for that now, probably cost us the series. If we are up 2 we also play Defense differently so that 3 would've probably never happened. Pacers would've guarded the perimeter and doubled LeBron. Common Sense.


    Same thing in Celtics/Bucks though. In game 4, they admitted they didn't call a foul at the end on Jaylen Brown which may have tied the game and taken it to OT and given Boston a 3-1 lead. And in game 5, they ignored an obvious shot clock violation against the Celtics.


    People act like this is just a Lebron thing, it isn't. 


    Stuff happens in every single series. 


    It's more magnified with Lebron since he is Lebron and the face of the league.

  18. 51 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    When you get cheated there is. Had the Cavs won fair and square I would've been fine with it.


    You would have the same anger if you had played Philly.


    Top 10 jersey sales for this season:





    Only reason Boston has a shot to survive one round is due to home court and the trio of Horford/Brown/Tatum is still pretty good.


    Pacers were in a rough spot playing Lebron OR Philly. The 5th seed spot is not very good.


    The league is going to push their biggest selling stars, period.......not much anyone can do about it.


    I don't get worked up about it all anymore. My C's were done as contenders anyway with both Hayward/Irving being out. They could survive without Hayward, but winning the east dreams were done without Kyrie.

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