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  1. You ever notice that if you listen to any radio station long enough you are bound to hear a Tom Petty song?

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    2. Jules


      It's the adult easy listening or soft rock style stations or sirius stations they play sometimes at my office. I think Petty is on every set list. I think I know his songs so well know I could be a backup singer for him.

    3. southwest1


      Yeah, even if you are a fire jumper by trade "Free Falling" down below into a forest fire. LOL! Lame. Yeah I know, but still funny right? :)

      Okay CSman1788, already went there. Well played sir. Bravo!

    4. southwest1


      Bogie is right about Metallica though. They do get played a lot in music blocks every 45 minutes or so. Good point.

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