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  1. I can't even believe preseason is here. Where did the summer go? It's going too fast! Just stay healthy Colts this time of year....

    1. Nadine


      no kidding. happy and sad

    2. southwest1


      I really don't wanna see cold temperatures & snow quite yet given the winter I just endured this past year, but with September comes Colts football so as far as trade offs go, SW1 will take it. Please Bradshaw stay healthy & be productive for us this season. Knocking on my wooden desk right now for good luck & a great blue horseshoe year as well as all my friends on here who support other teams too.

    3. Jules


      Agree with both of you. And southwest, Bradshaw is on the top of my list too to hopefully stay healthy since I feel we really need him based on what we saw last season with him.

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