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  1. The Olympics are here! Love watching cold weather sporting events. :)

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    2. Jules


      Not sure how it is over there today in person. But, I loved Paris as a little one from the late 80's to the mid 90's. Taught myself at a young age on how to eat like the French women do. :)

    3. Nadine


      Just about every country has so much more history than we do. It's fascinating. I saw the crown jewels in London. What was interesting to me was that so many monarchs actually borrowed the jewels that they wore for coronation. What's on display is the crown.......with no jewels. Tower of London is fascinating. Having a place that was originally a Roman outpost....... we have nothing like that here

    4. Jules


      Yep ain't that the truth about history. I think as a kid I got intimidated a bit seeing some of it all but at the same time it was a great learning experience. London was dark and dreary at times to me but it was also stunning. I liked Paris a lot though....loved it.

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