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  1. Going to Colts/Pats with my husband next month. LOL should I cover my eyes during the game or can an upset happen? Luck looks fine IMO, but Brady is some sort of freak ageless wonder that even makes Lebron James jealous.

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    2. teganslaw


      You mentioned that your husband is a Red Sox fan; is he also a Patriots fan? That would make for an interesting relationship if he were. haha Anyway, enjoy the game and I hope the Colts can pull out a victory. 

    3. Jules


      Yeah I try to hide he is a Boston sports fan here but I think the cat is out of the bag. haha My husband is from Worcester, MA. He's one of the nice ones though and actually likes Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.


      I had told some people a while ago here too I live in New England. We moved here when I was a very young. I was born and raised in Indy though.


      Only team I kept with me from moving was the Colts and I will never give up the Colts. He knows this. haha I kinda like the Pacers but never got hard into them. I only kept the Colts as my childhood team. I have not been to Indy since 2007.


      But with the Patriots, I think it's more like his third team or something. He is more into the Red Sox and Celtics.


      I adopted the Celtics with him last summer and it was real easy. I always was into Brad Stevens going back to his Butler days. We kinda do the Celtics thing together hardcore.


      The first picture he ever saw of me btw was me with a Colts scarf around my neck. It was a pic of me and my cousin Erin. Erin's husband Rich showed Mark (my husband) me and said "You should meet Erin's cousin."

    4. southwest1


      Your husband sounds pretty cool Jules. Did he just say he likes Peyton Manning & Andrew Luck as part of the courtship phase of your relationship though? No guy is completely honest in that phase as we tend to do a number of things to impress our partner or win brownie points vs truly believe what we say at that juncture.


      It's fine. I'm not here to make waves. If he makes you happy, nothing else matters in the grand scheme of things. Enjoy the game regardless of the final score. I hope you have good seats.

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