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  1. My husband has the Pats/Eagles game on. Why won't the Pats decline? :(

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    2. Gramz


      Man......  I have been gone awhile.  Husband..??   Congratulations!  

    3. Jules


      Yep husband Gramz, can you believe it? I was never the type who wanted to get married but my Mark was the one. I wasn't here all summer either, but I remember telling you back in the dead of winter here in a status I got engaged and you mentioned something about you and your husband also meeting something in your 30's.


      To make a long story short. I met Mark the summer of 2015. At the time my first cousins husband worked with him. Showed Mark a picture of me and said we should meet. He apparently had love at first sight with me. We were "just friends" for a long time. Mark's a year older then me. Our first time meeting was seeing that silly Adam Sandler movie "Pixels" in the theater. We liked each other, but I was hesitant on the idea of a relationship but he waited for me to come around finally and last spring/summer we became official. On Christmas Eve he proposed. Married on May 19th. And now here we are married and in a new house.




      It's great though, we honestly can even read each others minds. I am really digging my life with him.



      I think I jinxed that preseason game last night too since it seems the Pats lost their first round pick for the year and Foles busted his shoulder. 


    4. Gramz


      May 19th.? Wasn't that the day of the Royal Wedding.?  :drama:

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