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  1. Hey everyone!!! Been MIA for a while. The wedding was really great with everyone I know :heart:,  honeymoon was in Hawaii and was a blast. What took most of the summer was moving into the new house with my husband Mark, was A LOT of work, still doing stuff. Tons of fun this summer but man has it been HOT off and on, wow. We got two kittens named Buddy and Holly (don't ask lol).

    I hear Andrew Luck is still alive!!!!:rock:Whooo hoooo he lives!!!!!!

    Hope everyone is doing well and has had a good summer. Nice to check back in with you all.:kitty:

    The font and stuff here has changed? lol

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    2. southwest1


      Kittens, Hawaii, & SB predictions in August already. This forum just rocks!


      @2006ColtsBestever: NFLfan is gonna love you man claiming that Minnesota will win all the marbles in February baby. Actually, I'd be fine with Vikings fans getting the confetti accolades since Randy Moss is in the HOF now & that team is due to bask in some serious love, recognition, & glory.


      Jules, Buddy & Holly are awesome & anybody keeping a rock icon's memory alive kicks caboose in my book. Nice. Yeah, you go away & poof weird stuff happens [site upgrades.] Never leave again. Just joking!



    3. Jules


      Ugh, after seeing the Pats tonight in the first half with Brady playing the ENTIRE half and looking 30 years old.......maybe I should give up on NFL predictions until he retires?


      @southwest1 Buddy and Holly are tired of preseason but happy the cool air is coming in tonight, been a warm period lately. 



      I would love to see the Falcons for some odd reason get it done. Not sure why but I feel bad for all the playoff crap Matt Ryan has gone through.



    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah I think it's the Vikings year. They have a Great Defense, Great Coaching, solid Run game, and an upgrade at QB. Cousins isn't an Elite QB but he's Good and better than Keenum. They made the Title Game last year so I expect them to take the next step. Jacks has a similar team to Minnesota but the big difference is they have Blake Bortles at QB. Jacks will probably win our Division but I don't see them as a SB team.

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