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  1. Hey everyone!!! Been MIA for a while. The wedding was really great with everyone I know :heart:,  honeymoon was in Hawaii and was a blast. What took most of the summer was moving into the new house with my husband Mark, was A LOT of work, still doing stuff. Tons of fun this summer but man has it been HOT off and on, wow. We got two kittens named Buddy and Holly (don't ask lol).

    I hear Andrew Luck is still alive!!!!:rock:Whooo hoooo he lives!!!!!!

    Hope everyone is doing well and has had a good summer. Nice to check back in with you all.:kitty:

    The font and stuff here has changed? lol

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Jules, Falcons and Rams both are capable of winning the SB. I chose the Vikes but the 3 of those teams along with Philly are all pretty even. The NFC is loaded, the AFC just has Tommy :funny:

    3. Jules


      Not 100% sold yet the Jags win the division, our division is pretty topsy turvy......it's in flux IMO. Might come down to the end of the year.


      Vikings can win it IMO unless the Packers have a surge but I often give up lately on picking Green Bay lol. 


      I got to log off, but I got to see the Pats look great while being there usual boring selves, sigh. 


      Want to see the Colts play but it's not until Monday sadly.


      Sounds like Foles strained his shoulder tonight, it was a hard hitting preseason game.


    4. southwest1


      @Jules: I agree with your fluffy sidekicks. I want the preseason to end so the real games can begin. I only tape Colts games & Giants games anyway on my DVR. Yeah, heat is tough on everybody. Humans & kittens alike. Green Bay should improve finally with some decent secondary help, but this is the Purple People Eaters year I think.


      @2006Coltsbestever: Exactly man, Cousins is the missing piece. Their LB corp & pass rushers are fast, almost always tackle for a loss, it's time to make their mark erasing last season. Plus, I want Cousins to win a SB just to make Skip Bayless swallow his own tongue. I'd gladly love non-stop Minnesota media coverage if it made the overhyped Cowboys dissappear from relevancy for awhile. 

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