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  1. Going to have to cut down on internet and late night time online until around mid to late summer, wanted to let people here know. My schedule is changing lately and I have to get up earlier most days. My wedding is mid May and I have a new house with my future husband, so I am slowly moving out of my current place too. He always lived around 45 minutes from me and we found a new home halfway between where we currently have lived. And we are still looking at a few places for a honeymoon. And I am working out a lot too and stuff to look good for the wedding haha.


    Just a ton to do, so sports is going to have to take a back seat momentarily. But I will still be watching sports at times in the background and occasionally logging in to check on Colts news in terms of Luck etc and how things are progressing here. So I might talk once in a while.


    Just wanted to let people know, I am more than OK and not ignoring anyone but my internet activity is going to be slowed a lot for some months here.


    I am having a blast. Just very very busy and it should clear up mid to late summer. I can't wait until training camp starts and we can get a new season underway!!!! I will definitely be active again eventually.


    I can't wait until the wedding but the big load is moving to be honest. haha That is the most work right now.

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    2. southwest1


      New house, new spouse, new body. I'm sensing a pattern here. Remember, to slow down & enjoy all these changes once in awhile. Happy for ya Jules! We'll be here when you can breathe & come up for some air. 

    3. Nadine


      Thanks for letting us know.  Enjoy!

    4. Chrisaaron1023


      Aye! Happy I came to see this.. I was beginning to wonder! I am happy for your upcoming life changes! Best of luck to you both. We will see you soon :D:thmup:

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