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  1. It is still Lebron's world after all lol

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    2. Jules


       Celtics not ready yet, too young. Kyrie was great early but it's not enough, get Hayward ready for next year. This new cavs team live is amazingly athletic around lebron with better shooting, the dead weight is gone. Lebron is refreshed.


       Cavs faves again.

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      It's only 1 game, I wouldnt worry about it too much. Cavs are still iffy to me. I do like George Hill and Jordan Clarkson but Boston still has been the better team all season. Pacers are smoking NY 83-66.

    4. Jules


      C's have been on and off trash for the last few weeks. I am hoping Smart will give them a boost soon.

      But they been trash. Not as bad as the Knicks though. I know a Knicks fan btw who is friends with my fiance and this guy is always making fun of his team. lmao And with KP out.......that just sucks man!! Another great player bites the dust.


      Cavs might be iffy but they did manage to get rid of the sewer team they had and find more athletic compliments to surround Lebron with. The defense will get better now. I think the moves were pretty fantastic honestly. They will need more time to gel though and stuff.

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