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  1. It is still Lebron's world after all lol

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    2. Jules


      BTW you aren't stupid, you know the refs will favor Lebron in the east again. lmao They were doing it yesterday too in the first half until the game got away from the Celtics.


      They want Lebron. 

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      The East is pretty wide open, it is much tougher to predict this season. If Toronto could grow a SACK they could even probably win the East. That team is pretty loaded with talent. The Celtics to me are still the best Defensive team in the East and best  Coached. Cavs got more athletic after the trade and still have LeBron so yes they are dangerous as usual. Teams like the Pacers and Bucks are intriguing, both teams have great chemistry and a Superstar to boot. I am now considering Oladipo a Superstar at this point and the Greek Freak definitely is.

    4. Jules


      C's will get better again defensively when Smart returns. Since without him, they seem to miss that spark plug. They are sewer trash lately.


      Raptors IMO are the best east team on paper, best bench too. Great home crowd and they are hungry. Problem is......sigh, it's the Raptors. Even their fans are dumb aazzes from Canada.


      I think every eastern team has dangerous aspects to them but I still got to say Lebron is the favorite until he is knocked off is all.  I mean......it's LEBRON. lmao 



      I am now considering Oladipo a Superstar at this point and the Greek Freak definitely is.


      They are great players, but I think they need to show more in the playoffs for a few years before I can put them in true superstar status. Same with the hyped up Sixers too.


      Like I need signature moments and games too or something. But the playoffs are not all that matters. But it's why Kyle Lowry is a great all star player but is known for being a dud in the postseason. 


      I like Oladipo more than the Greek Freak. ESPN is in love with the Bucks, they kinda worry me since I fear they will get ref help in the postseason. Oladipo I think will prove himself in the postseason in the next few years win or lose since his numbers are usually great.

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