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  1. I shockingly fit perfectly in my mom's wedding dress she wore marrying my dad in the 70's. So I am going to wear it for my own wedding in May. Just needs a few adjustments here and there and a professional cleaning since it has been in a box wrapped up for so long preserved. But I am almost the same exact size as my mom my whole life. 

    Needless to say me wearing her wedding dress has my folks an emotional mess. They are loving this.


    But it sure saves me a load of having to go around looking for a NEW dress and spending extra money on it that we can use for something else. Although this dress cost a fortune in the 70's for prices then so it's me going retro. It's sort of a Grace Kelly style wedding dress.

    1. Nadine


      You are making me cry

    2. Jules


      Sorry Nadine, didn't mean to make you cry but I think with mothers it's a good kind of emotion. Since I seen it already with my mom and my future mother in law.


      I am just thrilled too since I love retro styles and this is Gracy Kelly esque and I don't have to look around for something new. Since I was pretty clueless as to what to get and it is a pain to get these dresses. Just a few minor adjustments are needed now.

    3. Nadine


      My mom had such a beautiful dress made for her. Long sleeves, high neck.

      But, she got married on a really hot day and associated that dress with sweltering and got rid of it

      I would have loved to have had even just a piece of the lace

      I just wore a cocktail dress. it was me, I loved it. I was not a girl who always dreamed of a big fancy wedding. I tried on a black sleeveless version and the guy said 'picture this but in white, with sleeves' I said, sounds good.

      Yes, good kind of tears.  It's nice to have something so special for the 'something borrowed'

      PS, save the dress!

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