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  1. I shockingly fit perfectly in my mom's wedding dress she wore marrying my dad in the 70's. So I am going to wear it for my own wedding in May. Just needs a few adjustments here and there and a professional cleaning since it has been in a box wrapped up for so long preserved. But I am almost the same exact size as my mom my whole life. 

    Needless to say me wearing her wedding dress has my folks an emotional mess. They are loving this.


    But it sure saves me a load of having to go around looking for a NEW dress and spending extra money on it that we can use for something else. Although this dress cost a fortune in the 70's for prices then so it's me going retro. It's sort of a Grace Kelly style wedding dress.

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    2. Jules


      Too bad she got rid of that dress, but then again everyone is different when it comes to saving things. My mom saved everything. I mean she preserved her dress forever wrapped up in some airtight bag and a box. And her mother, my grandmother died when I was in the 4th grade sadly. But my mom saved her mom's cream wedding outfit too and still has that preserved! But no my mom is not going to wear her mom's outfit. lmao We are not going that far. 


      Oh this dress will be saved forever though, my mom is big on memories. Photos etc. Just everything.

    3. Gramz


      How Sweet.   

    4. southwest1


      Jules is getting hitched in May eh? Nice. I assume that it goes without saying that your soulmate likes cats  too right? Purr Fect...


      Cool to hear that you get to save money & wear a family heirloom/dress as well. Happy for ya. :hat:

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